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Participate in the discussion about the nominees for election at this year’s Convention by leaving a comment below in support of the candidate(s) of your choice. If you have a funny story to tell, if they have impacted you in some way, tell us about it. Let us know why you think one (or all) of these candidates should be elected.

Candidates for Diocesan Council

Elect two lay and two clergy for three-year terms:


Mr. Gilbert Newlands – Ascension, Lakewood   

I am in my third term as Senior Warden at Church of the Ascension. I have served several terms on the Vestry in both this and other parishes where I have been a member. I am active in a number of other positions at Ascension, and believe that I have a good understanding of church councils and operations. I am anxious to be of further service to the Church and the Diocese of Ohio. I have been a member of the Episcopal Church for over fifty years, having joined the church at Old Trinity Church, Tiffin, when I was a student in college. I am retired, having spent nearly forty years in the field of Human Resources, and believe I am skilled both  in dealing with people and problem solving.

Mr. Ernest Q. Petrey, Jr. – St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights 

In today’s world, The Episcopal Church is at the epicenter of empowering change. This change can only be propagated with the support of a structure that has the organizational, relational, and financial systems that are attuned to the mission. I would use my expertise to assist in achieving this mission. Being elected/appointed to positions of responsibility in Parish, Diocesan, ECUSA and Episcopal Organizations have provided me with a level of understanding of the complex interrelationships that require dexterity of management in order to fulfill the mission. My experiences as founder and CEO of successful companies from startup to multimillion dollar enterprises, have required me to understand and to implement evolving organizational structures as the character of the enterprise has changed over time to allow the organization to maximize revenues, deploy assets to achieve maximum return, and to enable the employees to reach their maximum potential contribution to the organization.



The Rev. George R. Baum – Supply Clergy           

I began my ordained ministry with three years as Priest in Charge at St. Patrick Church in Brunswick, serving as something of a buffer, or cleanser of the palate, following the much-beloved founding priest. Though I am not currently in one single parochial setting, my current role as “Free-Range Supply Priest” allows me to visit a dozen or more different congregations each year, traveling throughout the Diocese. For this reason, I feel I might be particularly able to offer a broader view of the Diocese, though not necessarily a strongly focused view of one particular congregation. That said, perhaps the Diocesan Council would benefit from the view of one who has been here and there, albeit briefly.


The Rev. M. June Hardy Dorsey – St. Andrew’s, Elyria    

As a newcomer to The Diocese of Ohio I bring a fresh perspective and new observations. Having served 20 years in another diocese, I have a wide range of experiences in parish leadership. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Japan and first, witnessed and then participated in creative and innovative ways of doing and being Church. Beginning my career as an educator and then lay minister, I have a wide scope of understanding about most aspects of parish life. I also have been in ministry long enough to expect the unexpected. I am optimistic and bring a positive and energetic dedication to tasks I undertake. If I am selected to serve on Diocesan Council, I will bring this optimistic outlook to the tasks set before us. Facebook: June Hardy Dorsey Resume: June Hardy Dorsey


The Rev. Christopher R. McCann – St. Luke’s, Chardon  

I have been a parish pastor for over fifteen years in the Ohio and Nova Scotia Dioceses and I have experience in small and medium sized parishes. I would welcome the opportunity to help enhance the relationship between small congregations and the Diocese at a time when increasingly, small congregations are becoming the face of the Episcopal church. I am happy and willing to serve if selected.


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