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Participate in the discussion about the nominees for election at this year’s Convention by leaving a comment below in support of the candidate(s) of your choice. If you have a funny story to tell, if they have impacted you in some way, tell us about it. Let us know why you think one (or all) of these candidates should be elected.

Candidates for Diocesan Disciplinary Board

Elect two lay and one clergy for three-year terms; elect one clergy for a 2-year unexpired term:


Ms. Rebecca Roth – Trinity, Toledo         

My experience includes terms on my parish vestry (with 5 years as senior warden) and on the diocesan Constitution & Canons committee. I am just finishing a 4-year term on the Standing Committee, which sharpened my knowledge of the canons of the Episcopal Church. My skills are from elementary school – I work hard, do my homework, treat others fairly, and tell the truth. My gifts are a deep sense of curiosity and a reasonable facility with language. I have a master’s degree in public health and a post-baccalaureate certificate in legal assisting. Most of my working life has been spent in various areas of the law. I want to help the Diocese of Ohio to remain healthy, vital and focused on God’s mission.


Ms. Jan Wolf – St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights       

After careful deliberation, I am submitting my name into nomination to a position on the Diocesan Disciplinary Board.  Having recently served on a civil jury, I am deeply convinced of the need for thoughtful and careful consideration  of a case being presented. The skills I bring to this position include being a thoughtful and careful listener.  I do not rush to judgment and do look at all sides of an issue. I have served on the vestry of many churches. Recently I was the Junior then Senior Warden at St. Paul’s, where we undertook a significant renovation. This work involved listening well and working with contractors and architects - not all of whom were in agreement. This focused my ability to be patient and hear everyone out before working for consensus. I believe this skill will translate well to difficult decisions that would need to be made by the Board. Resume: Jan Wolf



The Rev. Julie B. Fisher – Christ Church, Kent     

Before I was ordained, I belonged to two parishes where clergy committed misconduct, and a third where there was a false accusation against a priest. I have seen firsthand the devastating effects these situations cause to the people and parishes involved. I have also seen the healing that can happen when these painful  events are dealt with fairly, promptly and compassionately. I have been a strategic planning and conflict management consultant to nonprofits (including congregations) since the late 1980s, a youth minister since 2002, and a parish priest since 2005. I have also taken a course in canon law. I believe that my varied experiences in the church have equipped me to view conflict from a wide variety of perspectives; to provide sensitive pastoral support to all involved; and to apply both the letter and the spirit of canon law. I would be honored to be entrusted with this ministry.


The Rev. S. Elizabeth Kelly – Non-parochial Clergy            

I have lived and served in the Diocese of Ohio for 20 years in parish ministry and hospital chaplaincy. For the past 14 years I have served as Spiritual Care Coordinator (Chaplain) at Blanchard Valley Health System (Findlay). I earned a Masters of Social Work in 2011 and added Manager of Social Work to my duties. For 10 years I have chaired the health system Ethics Committee. Past experience includes program and court work in a domestic violence and rape crisis agency, conflict resolution and dispute settlement training, mental health counseling, 2 years of Clinical Pastoral Education residency, and experience with clergy and physician misconduct. We live on a small organic farm. I’ve not served very actively on diocesan committees over the past decade and being available to the Disciplinary Board seems a good use of my experience, skills and energy at this time. Native Floridian BA, Psychology, The University of the South, Sewanee, TN MDiv Duke Divinity School, Durham, NC Ordained in the Diocese of Connecticut 1990 (Deacon) Ordained in the Diocese of North Carolina 1991 (Priest) Diocese of Ohio since 1993. CPE Residency, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, OH MSW Ohio State University Parish ministry: St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Pittsboro, NC Chapel of the Cross, Chapel Hill, NC St. Paul's, Bellevue, OH


The Rev. Mark J. Pruitt – St. Paul’s, Akron            

I have been ordained for 22 years, Rector of St. Paul’s for seven years, and in a previous diocese served as an Examining Chaplain and on the Pennsylvania Bishops Committee on Legislation. I am happy to respond to the need for placement on the Disciplinary Committee.


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I have know Julie Fisher for several years and would highly recommend her for this position. Julie came to our church after much upheaval in the years previous to her appointment. In her second year we lost 12 of our oldest members through death and two more were put into rest homes. She worked tirelessly to build our church and we now have over eighteen new members which includes family's and singles. Giving her this diocesan post would be a great move for our Ohio Dioceses.