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Participate in the discussion about the nominees for election at this year’s Convention by leaving a comment below in support of the candidate(s) of your choice. If you have a funny story to tell, if they have impacted you in some way, tell us about it. Let us know why you think one (or all) of these candidates should be elected.

Candidates for Province V Synod Delegate

Elect two lay and one clergy for three-year terms:


Ms. Ginger Bitikofer – Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland          

I've been a member of Trinity Cathedral for 29 years, intersecting with others in the Diocese around children, youth and formation issues for the last 9 years. I've served on the Vestry at Trinity and been employed by the Cathedral as Associate for Congregational Life since 2005, concentrating on newcomer and small group ministries. I am interested in issues of the wider church, and about what we can learn from and share with other dioceses. I'm also seeking ways that we can collaborate with others to benefit the ministries and members of the Episcopal Church, as well as potential members we haven't yet reached.


Ms. Rebecca Montague – Grace, Sandusky         

I would like to serve as a Lay Province V Synod Delegate. I am completing my 5th year on Diocesan Council and Finance Committee and would like to continue my work for the Diocese in a complimentary role. In addition to my Diocesan experience, I have served on our parish Vestry, Sr. Warden and various committees involving outreach, parish life, marketing, art and music, youth functions and worship. My business career focused on finance, marketing and sales in both small and large business. I have years of training and experience in group dynamics, problem solving and initiatives in both the corporate and not for profit area. I believe my overall experience within the church and outside give me the tools needed to be a contributing delegate.  Linked IN Profile: Rebecca Montague



The Rev. Elizabeth (Beth) Frank  – New Life, Uniontown               

On my first day at Bexley Hall Seminary, a professor told my class:  “we are preparing you for a church that we have no idea what it will look like.” I thought:  “Wow! The Holy Spirit is at work and here I am ready to venture into a world of possibility.” For seminaries, dioceses, and parishes alike that journey involves new partnerships and initiatives and rethinking what it means to be the Body of Christ committed to formation and discipleship in our contexts. As a former attorney, I am equipped for the legislative role of Synod Delegate. However, what truly excites me is the opportunity to develop relationships and networks with our Province V brothers and sisters:  to share our experiences, inspire and support our varied ministries, and kindle our love of God and neighbor. As a CGDM member and new priest, I offer my passion for mission and collaboration. Article: Beth Frank  Resume: Beth Frank


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My name is Nancy Rose Foye-Cox. I have had the honor and pleasure to serve with Becky Montague on Diocesan Council this past year. I whole heartedly support her candidacy for Province V Synod Delegate. She is a seasoned member of Diocesan Council, having served for five years, and very active with her home parish of Grace, Sandusky. I believe she is also very knowledgeable about the Episcopal Church. Becky would be an excellent Province V Synod Delegate

I have known Becky for over 20 years having served with her on the Weatherhead School of Management Alumni Board at Case Western Reserve University. While serving together, I found her to be thoughtful, energetic and hard working. I am sure she will bring these same characteristics to her role as Synod Delegate. Her passion for the Episcopal Church and her home Church, Grace Sandusky have both greatly benefited from her involvement...and I'm sure she looks forward to serving the Church as a Delegate.