UTO Young Adult Grant Opportunity

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The UTO Young Adult Grant is for $1250 for individuals 21-30 years old.

Each applicant must submit to the Diocesan Bishop a 3-5 minute high-resolution video with good sound and clear video telling what is exciting about the grant idea. It may be recorded using a cell phone or tablet.

The completed application as well as the video should be submitted to the Diocesan Bishop by February 2, 2015.

The Bishop must submit one application along with the video and the signed Bishop endorsement form to the UTO Office by 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time Monday February 17, 2015.

Click here to access the application materials.

Click here to get resources such as the Letter of Invitation, Application Form, Bishop's Approval Form, and a PowerPoint presentation on "How to Write a Grant".

If you need help or ideas, contact: 

Sandra Squires - sksquires@cox.net

The Rev. Heather Melton - hmelton@episcopalchurch.org

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