Central East

Central East Mission Area Council

Council Chair:
Vice Chair: The Rev. Dustin Berg (St. Mark's, Canton)
Dean: The Rev. Kip Colegrove (Trinity, Alliance)
Representative to Diocesan Council:
ECW President: Susan Little (St. Mark's, Canton)
Secretary: Joseph Rusznak (Trinity, New Philadelphia)
Financial Officer: Bill Miller (New Life, Uniontown)
Deacon: The Rev. Josh Butler (New Life, Uniontown)

See Full Council Roster

CEMAC Goals for 2013

Food and Feeding Ministries - Support our parishes as they individually address hunger issues in their communities. Additionally, share practices and programs among the parishes and develop cooperative activities.

Rationale - The size of our parishes determines the size and type of hunger programs and projects that can be conducted.  Supporting one-time events and on-going programs will help address this goal.

Youth Activities - Develop and support youth programs sponsored or underwritten by the MAC. Camping events, visits to our Trinity Catheral, diocesan youth events and mission trips are among activities that are included in the agenda.  The Mac will seek a diocesan-sponsored intern to assist with vacation period activities.

Rationale - Several parishes have vacation youth activities, but some, again due to size, are not able to conduct events, but could benefit from joint MAC events.  Further, the MAC can underwrite support for new or on-going activities.

Utilize MAC Resources for Events/Programs/Ideas - Develop a 'self-help' attitude using parish resources and individuals to develop and conduct events.  This includes interns, the CeMac deacon and diocesan staff.

Rationale - Collaborative events strenghtens our Christain community whether its a new event or support for missioners.

CEMAC minutes 3.12.20113


Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2013
Hank Harris opened our meeting with a prayer.

Brian announced a quorum of CEMAC churches in attendance: Trinity (Alliance), Trinity (New Philadelphia, St. Timothy’s, New Life, Trinity(Coshocton) and Our Saviour(Salem).

Treasurer’s Report Highlights

  • We have money left over from the High Tea held at St. Paul’s which will be donated to Haitian relief.
  • Our current balance is approximately $189.
  • We should expect DOH support of $4,000: $1000 designated for outreach and $3000 allocated for operation

The goals for 2013 which had been e-mailed previously were approved. (See attached)

Scott Walton held led a discussion about the Carrolton Mission Trip (Appalachia in Ohio). The cost will be $250 per youth and $100 per chaperone. The trip will be June 16-21. CEMAC will partner with Trinity Lutheran (ECLA) in Carrollton. Our group was approved by Trinity’s (Vestry) to use their facility and the church will supply workers to help with our youth. So far Pat H. and Scott will be the trip adults. Applications are due by April 1st. Additional adults are will be welcome to monitor group will official chaperone take a “shower” break at the end of the day. The budget fee will cover food, T-shirts, and some activities. Brian informed the group we have a $200 credit at Carnation Bus Line, which could be applied to a coach for the Carrollton trip. Pat H. will also check into the price and availability to rent a van or vans from a Northfield firm she has previously used. The group approved a transportation subsidy of up to $800. In addition, the group approved $100 subsidy for each attendee (youth and adult) from any of the 8 CEMAC parishes.
Churches present reported on their use of a $250 year-end grant for outreach.

  • Trinity Alliance – subsidized several adopted families
  • New Life matched the grant with their $250 and purchased/distributed turkeys
  • St. Tim’s helped out several families
  • Trinity New Philadelphia’s ECW added $50 to the grant and the Outreach Committee selected Dover-Phila Food Bank, Rainbow Connection, and Harbor House to receive $100 each.

Brian reviewed our need to apply for a $1500 internship stipend from the Diocese which received group approval. Pat volunteered to act as an intern mentor this year and requested need feedbacks for the member churches such as St. Tim’s VBS. Brian suggested we (as a group) give an intern a variety of experiences.


The group approved the following officers for the 2013 – 2014 year.

Chairman – Brian Sisak

Vice Chairman – Dustin Berg

Treasurer – Bill Miller

Secretary – Joe Rusznak

Future CEMAC Activities

  • CEMAC picnic is June 23rd (Sunday) at Tuscora Park starting at 11pm to ? Since the pavilion is reserved by New Philadelphia, the Park fee of $75 is waived. The group agreed to subsidize hot dogs and hot dog bun costs up to $400 and will also provide a block of ride tickets for the youngsters. A joint Eucharist is planned for the amphitheater. Pat informed the group that the Senior Warden at Trinity Alliance has a music group which may be interested in performing. She will contact. An additional amount of up to $200 was approved for potential music.
  • Pat discussed having a ‘music workshop’ presented by Dent Davidson (if he is available) to the churches choirs. It would be a learning experience with a possible concert at night. The event would be scheduled for a Saturday. Mr. Davidson is an organist/choirmaster in the Diocese of Chicago. Pat will check into it.
  • A possible Altar Guild Luncheon and workshop, probably in late September was discussed.

As a final item, Brian announced he has a video or our last year’s Choral Evensong and Acolyte Festival.

In the absence of Fr. Johansen, Joe  Rusznak closed the meeting with a prayer.
CeMac will meet on May 14. Place to be determined.

2012 CeMAC Report

The eight parishes that comprise the mission area: Trinity, Alliance; Our Saviour, Salem; New Life, Uniontown; St Mark's, Canton; St. Paul's, Canton; St. Timothy's, Massillon; Trinity, New Philadelphia; and Trinity, Coshocton engaged in collaborative and outreach projects and events during the calendar year 2012.

The council adopted four goals to guide projects and activities: Food and Feeding Ministries, Vacation Youth Activities, What, Why and How Reports of Parish Activities and Sharing Resources for Events/Programs/Ideas. The summary indicates that the mission area utilized the goals for its many activities.

With carry-over funds from 2011 of more that $2500 and $4000 for 2012, the council was able to establish and underwrite a wide range of projects and events. A Choral Evensong and Acolyte Festival along with a ceMac Picnic were introduced early in the year. The May meeting hosted General Convention delegates along with interested parishioners from ceMac parishes, Summit parishes and Medina parishes seeking information on issues and resolutions prior to General Convention. About 40 interested people attended.

St. Mark's, Canton, announced it was a host parish on the Bishop's Annual Bike Ride. CeMac authorized $250 help underwrite the bike ride and St. Paul's, Canton and New Life Parish provided overnight hospitality for bike rides and support along with St. Mark's.

St. Tim's and Trinity, New Philadelphia initiated the ceMac Picnic and Eucharist at Tuscora Park in New Philadephia. CeMac supported the event by purchasing the hamburgs, hot dogs, buns and amusement ride tickets for youngsters. The committee has reserved a larger shelter and date for 2013.

New Life Parish asked for assistance to purchase 23 dozen bed sheets for hospitals in Tanga. CeMac challenged the eight parishes to provide $100 each to complement $1000 from ceMac outreach funds. The collaborative effort covered the total cost of the sheets, so New Life Parish added pillow cases in addition to the challenge funds to the support project. Reports from Tanga indicate this $1800 plus project filled a great need.

Although the Choral Evensong and Acolyte Festival on Sunday, Oct. 21 was a one-day event, planning and music preparation began in June with William Kendrick, parish musician at St. Paul's agreeing to coordinate the music preparations. He selected the music and setting along with the Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond. Music was sent to all parishes in August to enable each choir to have rehearsals before the event.

The several ECW organizations along with the hospitality team at St. Paul's served a High Tea Reception following the service. Susan Little of St. Mark's coordinated the High Tea reception by involving the several parishes for sandwiches and desserts.

CeMac designated the offering at the Choral Evensong for the Community Thanksgiving Basket program in Canton coordinated by St. Paul's, the site of the special event. The collection garnered more than $800 for the project.

The special service was attended by about 200 including a 56-member combined choir. The Very Rev. Kip Colgrove, dean of CeMac and the Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond officiated at the Choral Evensong and the Rev. Josh Butler, ceMac deacon, gave the homily. Thanks to Joe Bridges and Bill Joseph of New Life Parish, the service was videoed and a DVD was made.

Other activities:

  • Issued $150 honorarium to Margaret Folger of Trinity-New Philadephia selected outstanding ECW woman of the Diocese of Ohio.
  • Elected Scott Walton of St. Mark's/New Life as ceMac representative to Diocesan Council for a three-year term beginning December, 2012.
  • Authorized $750 to assist with travel expenses for three missioners to Tanga in January 2013.
  • Provided workshop leadership at Winter Convocation at Cuyahoga Falls.
  • Provided scholarships to Middle School young people to attend the Diocesan Youth Event at Cedar Hills in October.

To close out the year, ceMac awarded $250 to each of its parishes to complement on-going or new Outreach activities during the Advent and Christmas period.

Brian Sisak, New Life, Uniontown

Central East Mission Area Council Minutes

August 28, 2012

Present at St. Paul's-Canton were: The Rev. Pat Hanen, The Very Rev. Kip Colgrove, The. Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond, The Rev. Henry Harris, The. Rev. Dustin Berg, The Rev. Paul Johansen, Brian Sisak, Barbara Johansen, Pat Kaminski, David Thorley, George Cozan, Scott Walton, William Kendrick and Susan Little.

With a quorum of parishes represented, the opening devotions were offered by The Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond of St. Paul's parish.

The rules were suspended and reading of the previous meeting's minutes were waived.

Susan Little of St. Mark's reported on ECW activities and upcoming events. Parishes were asked to assist with the Boxtop coupon collection for the Lillian Vallely School in Blackfoot, Idaho. (Written reported filed with secretary.)

The treasurer's report covered the Sheets to Tanga expense of $1824 which was shared by the parishes and complemented by CeMac Outreach funds. Additional expenses during the period covered the CeMac picnic at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia and assistance with the Bishop's Bike Ride through the area, With a few items receiveable, the CeMac fund has $2535.16.

Each parish reported upcoming activities including building renovations at St Paul's, New Life's capital campaign, Animal Blessings at St. Timpthy's, New Life and Trinity-Alliance. Calendars of events were distributed.

The Rev. Henry Harris of St. Timothy's outlined the Massillon Community Candlelight Walk held the first Sunday in December. The several churches offer music or readings and simple refreshments to visitor through the late afternoon before the gathering at one church for a choral presentation by the high school choir. The program idea was offered to enable other parishes to consider a similar community program.

Details and responsibilities concerning the Choral Evensong and Acolyte Festival set for Sunday, October 21 at 4 p.m. required considerable discussion. William Kendrick, parish musican at St. Paul's, site of the service, developed the special music for the choral evensong feature Evening Prayer 1. He distributed music packets for each parish to assist the preparation for the mass choir. Officiants for the service are The Very Rev. Kip Colgrove, dean of the mission area council, and The Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond, rector of St. Paul's. The Rev. Josh Butler, deacon for the mission area council, will offer the homily at the service. Vested acolytes and choirs will process with crosses, banners and kites. Recognition awards will be presented to chorister and acolytes by parish group. The free will offering will be directed to the Community Thanksgiving Basket program in Canton which is coordinated by St. Paul's parish.

The several ECW groups in the mission area will prepare a High Tea Reception following the choral evensong.

Paul Johansen moved, seconded by Scott Walton, to authorize the expenditure of $1050 for the music, awards, the reception and printing for the choral evensong.

By acclimation, Cemac approved designating the March meeting as the annual election of officers schedule. Replacement election may be held as needed.

Scott Walton of St. Mark's was elected the CeMac representative to Diocesan Council for the term beginning December, 2012.

To encourage greater participation in diocesan youth activities, CeMac approved full scholarships to all 7th-12th grade young people to attend the conference at Cedar Hills on Oct. 12, 13 and 14. Further, CeMac agreed to provide half scholarships for friends of our young people. Additionally, depending on the number of attendees, CeMac will provide a van/bus for combined transportation to the event.

The Rev. Pat Hanen offered to conduct a training session of Safeguarding God's Children for any and all in October.

The next meeting will serve as the mission area council's pre-convention session for convention delegates, vestries and CeMac members on Tuesday, October 23, at 7 p.m. at St. Mark's in Canton.

The meeting adjourned with closing devotions offered by The Rev. Paul Johansen of Trinity Church, New Philadelphia.

Respectfully submitted,
Brian Sisak,

CeMAC Minutes 5.29.12

Brian Sisak - Presiding

Present: Brian Sisak, the Rev. Kip Colgrove, the Rev. Pat Hanen, Sue Little, Barbara Johansen, the Rev. Paul Johansen, Pat Kaminski, the Rev, Josh Butler, Tracey Rogers, Nancy Baker Cazan and Scott Walton

Guests: Martha and Charles Unger, Jeffrey and Beth Berno, Charles Kiesling, Diane Hawkins, Chip Bellow, Denise Caywood, Jim Caywood and Bill Joseph

Opening devotions offered by New Life Parish.

Rules were suspended for approval on March minutes.

Sue Little of St. Mark's,Canton, presented the ECW report covering the annual meeting on May 4 and 5 in Toledo where the Rt. Rev Micheal Curry, Bishop of North Carolina, was the keynote speaker.  She outlined several outreach activities and projects currently being conducted by ECW.

Review of the Parish Events Calendar updates was deleted from the agenda. 

Council approved the appointment of Ms. Kara Jernigan of New Life Parish as youth activities intern.  Under the direction of the Rev. Pat Hanen, she will work with the VBS at St. Timothy's, Massillon, June 6-10, Trinity,Alliance,  Monday Food and Fun events, the New Life Camping program at Mohican Lake and other activities, including work with the CeMac deacon, the Rev. Josh Butler.

Nancy Baker Cazan of St. Timothy's updated the group on the picnic worship music and lay ministry involvement. A basic attendance counter and worship volunteers are needed by June 15.  A check in the amount of $475 to cover facility rental charges and funds for hotdogs, hamburgs, buns and soft drinks was issued to St. Tim's.  Other picnic attendees are to bring a dish to share along with table service.

The picnic worship service begins at 11 am Sunday, June 24 at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia. Salem, Alliance, Massillon and New Philadelphia will not hold a service at their facilities. New Life will hold a non-music service at 9 am with the picnic caravan leaving at 10 am for Tuscora Park. Flyers outlining the picnic have been distributed to all CeMac parishes.

Scott Walton of St. Mark's, Canton, outlined the schedule and need for volunteers and host families for the annul Bishop's Bike Ride. The ride begins on Tuesday, June 24 at St. John's, Youngstown, and will overnight at St. Mark's, Canton.  The ride continues on Wednesday at 7 am from St. Mark's, with a stop at St. Timothy's in Massillon before reaching St. James, Wooster, for the overnight.  Scott Walton can be reached via e-mail at 1timothy412@att.net.

CeMac authorized a payment of $250 to assist with funding St. Mark's overnight activities.

Bill Joseph, New Life, Uniontown, and Denise Caywood, St. Philip's, Akron, are General Convention Deputies. They outlined the challenges and issues on the agenda for the General Convention meeting July 5 - 12 at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.  Barbara Johansen, president of  the diocesan ECW, explained that the ECW Triennial Session will be held concurrent with the General Convention allowing ECW to share in the worship and music of the convention as ECW conducts its own program and agenda.

Bill and Denise covered budgeting and House of Deputies elections.  Other issues on the agenda include Liturgy and Music: the Blessing Project, The Structure of the Episcopal Church, The Disciplinary Canon(Title IV), Insurance and Denominational Health Plan Revisions and The Anglican Covenant.

The presentationand discussion covered one hour.

The meeting closed with a dismissal prayer by the Rev. Kip Colgrove.

No date was set for the next CeMac meeting

Respectfully submitted,Brian Sisak, chair

CeMAC Minutes: 3.13.12

Central East Mission Area Council
Summary of March 13, 2012 Meeting

Here are highlights of the meeting and actions approved

CeMac Intern – Parishes were asked to continue to seek candidates for interns in the MAC to work with youth activities: St. Timothy’s VBS June 18-22 assisting Stephanie Liotti, Trinity – Alliance’s Food and Fun nights on Mondays, New Life (open to all MAC parishes) overnight camping experience and a Service Day overnight to Trinity Cathedral, and youth work developed by the MAC deacon.

The session appointed the Rev. Pat Hanen as coordinator of the Intern and the planning sessions.

A CeMac picnic on Sunday, June 24 at Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia.  At present, the plan is to have worship service with choirs participating followed by picnic foods.  The site is family friendly with plenty to do for youngsters and all invited guests.  The MAC will cover the facility rental costs along with payment for hotdogs, hamburgers and buns.  Other foods are potluck offerings.  The Rev. Henry Harris of St. Tim’s will coordinate the worship service and the music.  All parishes are able to offer lectors, chalice bearers, etc.  Forward info, including expected number of attendees, to Rev. Hank by June 10. sttimothys@sssnet.com  This can be a fun day, so you can invite family and friends to attend.  Worship will be at 11 a.m. followed by food, fun and fellowship.  MORE details after Easter.

An Even Song Choir Fest at St. Paul's - Canton at 4 pm Sunday October21, 2012 with a reception following.  The several music pros, led by William Kendrick of St. Paul’s will work out the music details, so all choirs can participate. Additionally, acolytes of each parish will process and serve using banners, flags and crosses.  The Rev, Vincent Black will be asked to provide the homily or a peer ministry presentation.

Central East Mission Area Council Minutes February 7, 2012

Here are highlights of the meeting and actions approved:

1 - Authorized an Honorarium in the amount of $150 for Margaret Folger of Trinity Church, New Philadelphia who has been selected ECW Outstanding Woman of the Diocese of Ohio. As part of the ECW Triennial Year, Margaret will be honored at the ECW Triennial session this July in Indianapolis.

2 - The four proposed goals for 2012 (attached) were approved.

3 - Approved requesting funds for an intern for this year with emphasis on youth activities.

Brian at e-mail: displaymarketing@prodigy.net.

4 - Per a request from Diocesan Council, each Mission Area is asked to determine how many potential confirmands would be available for a Central East combined Confirmation Service. Date and Placed to be determined. Of course, some parishes may take advantage of the bishop's visit to their parish this year to hold Confirmation. CeMac would like a count by the next meeting, March 13. Thanks for any and all input.

5 - CeMac re-elected all its officers: Brian Sisak - New Life, chair; The Rev. Dr. Barbara Bond - St. Paul's, vice chair; Joe Rusznak - Trinity-New Philadelphia, secretary, and William Miller - New Life, treasurer.

6 - Addressing the 2012 Goal concerning Food Ministries, several parishes reminded all that MONEY contributions are more effective that product and foodstuff contributions. The money will purchase more foodstuff from the major area foodbank.

7 - Two major collaborative events were approved:

First - A CeMac picnic on Sunday, June 24 at Tusc. Park in New Philadelphia. The project grew from St. Timothy"s - Massillon asking Trinity - New Philadelphia to join for a picnic. At present, the plan is to have worship service with choirs participating followed by picnic foods. More details later. The site is family friendly with plenty to do for youngsters and all invited guests. Thanks to Rev, Hank Harris for getting this event going.

Second - An Even Song Choir Fest at St. Paul's - Canton at 4 pm Sunday October21, 2012 with a reception following. The several music pros in the parishes will work out the music details, so all choirs can participate.

8 - Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 13, 7 pm at Trinity Church - Alliance.

9 - Meeting began at 7:05 and concluded at 8:13 pm. A great meeting!!!

Central Area Mission Area Council Goals for 2012

Food and Feeding Ministries - Develop ways to educate our parishes and communities about hunger in our area; collect best practices for hunger outreach programs in our parishes, and encourage parishes to help one another develop and implement programs that address hunger.

Vacation Youth Activities - Develop youth programs for the MAC including a camping experience and a cathedral hostel/service day. An intern can be involved with these activities

What, Why and How Reports – Parishes present a brief written report on an event, program or activity which is unique to the parish outlining What it is, Why it serves and How it is conducted.

Utilize Resources for Events/Programs/Ideas – Develop a "Mutual Aid" attitude for parish activities calling on ceMac Deacon, special intern or staff of the diocese.

Minutes of the Central East Mission Area Council

June 15, 2010

President Brian Sisak announced there was quorum and called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

The meeting started with a Prayer offered by The Rev. Kip Colgrove.  The minutes of the 4/13/2010 were approved.

Meeting Reports:

  • Rev. Barbara presented St. Paul’s calendar as a template for other Vestries to use should they want. It will lend validity to an event or item.
  • There is co-operation with the University of the South (4yrs) with one year at a time. The cost is $350/year.
  • A new supply priest starts at St. Mark’s on 6/20/2010
  • Trinity (NP) is developing a Worship and Eucharistic Leaders training course based on Diocesan guidelines.
  • Trinity (Alliance) will have a presence at the “Carnation Parade; a vacation bible school is scheduled for 6/21 to 6/21.
  • St. Mark’s has scheduled its vacation bible school for w/o 7/5 and has a book discussion group.
  • New Life has set up two educational sexual prevention sessions: one will be for children and one for adults. The Children’s recognition session is for ages 9-11 and is based on the program provided by the Diocese. The adult session/training is from the program offered by the National Church. A light lunch will be served on July 17, 2010


Brian gave a briefing on the Diocesan Council Meeting for May. This is known as the “who” leadership meeting (offices to be filled). Copies of the minutes were distributed to MAC members. Brian welcomed the Church of our Savior of Salem, Ohio as a MAC member. The letter from the Presiding Bishop was discussed (published in Church Life) and used as talking points to give us some understanding of where the National Church is coming from. A possible bus trip to Perrysburg is being explored to attend the Winter Convocation on 2/11 and 2/12/2010. The Presiding Bishop is scheduled to attend. We need to get a count of possible bus riders; the use of a bus will obviate the need for individuals to drive. Brian will get costs of a bus and email us the results. The diocesan ECW meeting was held at St Paul’s and it was very productive.


Brian asked for parish financial people to be made of aware of the Diocesan giving programs to the Church in wills, etc.

Lael Carter and Fr. Alan James were prepared to contribute to a list various sources of information and resources available for parish use.  Ms. Carter indicated she is available for discussion of Christian wills with specific church bequests.

  • Annuities (minimum is $5,000)
  • Endowment programs: a formal Diocesan power point presentation is available.


Fr. James discussed that current advisors are doing very well in comparison with benchmarks. Trustees of the Diocese take their responsibilities and Diocesan policies seriously. They avoid so called ‘sin’ companies such as liquor and cigarette manufacturers; BP (or Big Oil) may find itself under re-consideration. The Joint Investment fund is in reality a savings account.

Fr. James reported that the annual stewardship on “Diocesan Stewardship Network” will be held July 30 and 31 in Indianapolis. He will gladly recruit those interested in Stewardship.


(Fr. James based his presentation on excerpts from several websites.) Stewardship is primarily the setting of goals for further faith developments and is not about parish budgets or just garnering more money. A program should be designed to make people understand why they are committing their faith leading to increased pledges. A program should help develop increasing individual skill sets by becoming a better disciple than they were before. In today’s times the church must be ready and able to provide social services. We have to remember the Old Testament describes the Hebrew Temple as the source of social services of the times.


  • Must see that parish individuals understand the need to make one’s self as (loving) serving other individuals in the community.
  • Develop a discipline to the point that God/God field is instilled as a permanent fixture (position) and then move on and above.
  • The modern pledge is 5% to the church and 5% to outside services or needs. The stewardship chairman should have a freedom to say you have the “freedom” to give more.
  • Fr. James had much more to say on the stewardship topic that this writer could not record all his points.

Brian set the next meeting date for August 17, 2010 at 7 p.m. at St. Paul’s.

Fr. Kip led the group in a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph Rusznak