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Participate in the discussion about the nominees for election at this year’s Convention by leaving a comment below in support of the candidate(s) of your choice. If you have a funny story to tell, if they have impacted you in some way, tell us about it. Let us know why you think one (or all) of these candidates should be elected.

Candidates for Standing Committee

Elect one lay and one clergy for four-year terms; elect one clergy for a three-year unexpired term:





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When commenting, please be sure to start with your own name, and include in your comments the name of the candidate(s) you are supporting!



As a member of the Standing Committee who has worked with the Rev. Joe Ashby only since June when he joined us, I've quickly come to respect and value his thoughtful comments and insights into the issues we've considered. I encourage you to elect him to a full 4-year term on the Standing Committee so that the diocese can continue to benefit from his wisdom, experience and leadership.

As a member of St. Paul's Canton, and a vestry member, I highly recommend Ms. Deb Shamlin for the Standing Committee. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, is passionate about her ministry and role in the church, and takes her commitment to outreach to the greater community with the utmost drive and vigor. She would be an extremely valuable asset and team member for the standing committee and would bring a plethora of gifts to the diocese.

As a former member of the Standing Committee and a member of Our Saviour, Akron, and its Vestry, it is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Raymond Cox for a four-year term on the Standing Committee. Raymond is a thoughtful, caring and committed leader in our parish. His experience, intelligence, skill and care would benefit both the Standing Committee and the diocese if he is elected to the Standing Committee.