The Ministry of a Deacon

Do you have eyes for the world, and a heart to empower the baptized?

As baptized Christians, we are all given the power to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ in service to others. The deacon is an icon of Christ's bold love of the disenfranchised and his prophetic call for justice. Deacons challenge the Church with the needs of the world and call all the baptized as the primary agents of service. The ministry of the deacon is one of teaching, inviting, challenging, and encouraging the faithful to fulfill their baptismal promises.

A Distinct Order

The diaconate is a distinct order in its own right. A deacon's ministry focuses on the needs of the community surrounding the local Churches and our response to those needs as faithful servants of Christ.

Strong Leadership

As a leader of the Church in the world, a deacon will have a genuine interest in and empathy for all people.

Deacons possess a strong interest in community building within the Church and outside its walls. His/her energy and enthusiasm inspires others.

A deacon is resilient and flexible in response to the Spirit's spontaneity, with a willingness to be shaped and transformed by the needs of the Church.

In the Liturgy

The deacon represents the needs and concerns of our world in worship.

The deacon's liturgical function always emphasizes the needs of the community surrounding the local Church and our response to those needs as faithful servants of Christ. Deacons lead the congregation into the world, to make known the love and power of God.

Parish Collaboration

As a servant of the Church, a deacon listens to and draws out the ministries emerging within a geographic region or deanery.

Training Requirements

Diaconal formation takes place locally, within the Diocese of Ohio. The three-year program includes academic study, practical experience, and a weekly commitment of 15 to 20 hours.

Do You Wish to Discern Further?

Do you desire to -

teach, challenge, invite, encourage

all people to fulfill their baptismal promises?

Discuss your sense of call first with your Rector and then contact the Rev. Percy Grant to begin a process of prayer and discernment. Please call 216-771-4815 or e-mail