Gallery Renamed at St. Paul's, Cleveland Heights

The South Wing Gallery of St.Paul's, Cleveland Heights, was recently renamed by the former Rector, Alan M. Gates, to be the Nicholson B. White Gallery and Rotunda, honoring former Rector Nicholson B. White who led St. Paul's from 1983-2002.

Nick White who served on the original gallery committee and exhibited his photographs there in a one-man show was instrumental in creating an art gallery at St. Paul's beginning in 1990.  White envisioned "a place of beauty--a gift to the community; it would be a public offering for public use."

In the plan was a rotunda that architect, William H. Collins said would "make a statement.  Heights was needed to go with the rest of the building."  Eye appeal was important to what Nick White called the South Wing, "a community institution--and we like that."

White emphasized the team approach to the creation of the South Wing Gallery.  His leadership along with the architectural and curatorial work of Bill Collins and his wife, Barbara; the funding of the project by the late Sally Morley and her husband, John, gave expression to Nick White's vision of an art gallery that would serve the people both in and outside the church.

Artists have expressed pleasure in exhibiting their work in this graceful gallery space.  Emily Felderman, textiles, Joyce Jentoft, wearable art, Suzan Kraus, collage and mixed media, Chris Weigand, acrylics and Irwin Weinberger, acrylics, will exhibit their work in the Nicholson B. White Gallery and Rotunda, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2747 Fairmount Blvd. on September 12, 2014 at the artists' opening reception from 5-7 pm.

by Mary Krogness, member of St. Paul's