Three New Programs Available to Your Congregation

The Diocese of Ohio now has three licenses which every congregation may use to download high quality materials, programs, and curriculum at no additional cost to the congregation. These licenses are provided by the Congregations and Christian Formation Commission (CCFC) and all three are specifically designed for use in Episcopal churches.


Open Doors - Inviting Families to Church
One of the fastest ways to grow your church is to invite families. And with the right approach it is often the easiest. OPEN DOORS is a plan, a process, events and everything you need to help your congregation become inviters. Go to Open Doors for sample pages and an eight minute introductory video. This is a complete program that is easy to use and that we have had success with at St. Barnabas, Bay Village.

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
On this website you will find reams of material about stewardship as a spiritual practice growing from a theology of gratitude and generosity. There are lots of links to practical ways of teaching that theology and incorporating it into the life of your congregation. In addition, each year TENS publishes an all new Fall Stewardship Program/Campaign which is included in our diocesan license. Go to The Episcopal Network for Stewardship for more information.

Weaving Gods Promises
Weaving God's Promises is a three-year Episcopal curriculum for children and middle-school youth. It is one curriculum with two programs available: Weaving God's Promises for Children for ages 3-11 and Weaving God's Promises for Youth for ages 12-14. Go to Weaving God's Promises  for more information and introductory videos.

For instructions about how to log in to each of these websites as a member, please email Brad Purdom, Canon for Congregations, Each license is for one year so at the beginning of 2015 we will decide which licenses we should maintain. That's why it is important for us to know if you are using them. Finally, please let me know if there are other licenses you think might be helpful for us to provide.