Bishop’s Staff Administrative Support

Teaching/Planning/Consulting Available through the Bishop’s Staff

All members of the Bishop’s Program Staff are available for parish and mission area meetings, teaching, support, and consultation. Please contact any of us and we will seek to work with you according to your needs. Some areas within which we commonly work with parishes include:

  • Parish Vitality and Growth
  • Developing a parish-based Faith Formation Program for any/all ages
  • Parish Leadership Development
  • Vestry Planning and Retreats
  • Stewardship Teaching and Program Planning
  • Communication Strategy, especially Website and Social Media
  • Best Practices for Parish Finances and Reporting
  • Clergy/Congregation Mutual Ministry Review

Administrative and Other Support


  • Diocesan Audit Teams
  • Professional Building Assessment and Recommendations
  • Annual Fall Stewardship Program from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship ( paid through diocesan license)
  • Joint Investment Fund (JIF)
  • Best Practice Guides for Business Methods and Human Resources
  • Model Parish By-Laws
  • National and Diocesan Canons
  • Model Discretionary Account Guidelines
  • Safeguarding God’s Children Program and Model Parish Policy
  • Website Design, Hosting, and Social Media Presence

Available Funding Assistance

  • Capital Loans and Grants Committee