2018 Open Enrollment

The open enrollment for active (currently employed) employees will take place October 23 - November 10, 2017.  The Medical Trust will be sending your login information for its website.  The open enrollment process is online, as in past years. 

Health and Dental Rates and Plan Offerings

2018 Health Insurance Plans and Rates

2018 Dental Insurance Plans and Rates

Open Enrollment Information

Letter to Parishes - 2018 Health and Dental Insurance

Customizable Letter to Employees - 2018 Health and Dental Insurance

Minimum Funding for Parity - DHP Compliance

Network Access Instructions

Resources for Open Enrollment

Vendor Website Information

Generic Open Enrollment Form

Health & Dental Plan Summaries

2018 Anthem CDHP-20/HSA

2018 Anthem CDHP-15/HSA

2018 Anthem BlueCard PPO 90

2018 Preventative Dental

2018 Basic Dental

2018 Dental & Orthodontia



2017 Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for the 2017 health and dental insurance will take place October 24 - November 9. As in the past, all open enrollment will take place online. If you are a current participant, a packet from the Medical Trust with instructions for online access and plan information will be mailed directly to your home address that they currently have on file. Look for updated information on our website. We will update with information as it is received.

Open enrollment for retired, Medicare eligible clergy or lay will not be done at the same time. A separate open enrollment for these individuals will take place at a later date.

Health & Dental Rates and Plan Offerings

2017 Health Plan Offerings and Rates

2017 Dental Plan Offerings and Rates

2017 Health and Dental Plan Comparison Sheet

Open Enrollment Information

Letter to Parishes - 2017 Health Insurance

Customizable Letter to Employees

Minimum Funding for Denominational Health Plan (DHP) compliance

Network Access Instructions

Open Enrollment form - Due November 9 (for members unable to access their enrollment online)

Health & Dental Plan Summaries

2017 Anthem BCBS CDHP-15/HSA

2017 Anthem BCBS CDHP-20/HSA

2017 Anthem High Opt PPO

2017 Anthem PPO 90/70

2017 United Healthcare Choice Plus

2017 Preventative Dental

2017 Basic Dental 50/150

2017 Dental & Orthodontia 25/75



Church Insurance Information

Property Insurance Claims

In spite of our best efforts, unforeseen tragedy can occur.  If your pairish experiences loss or damage to its property, you will want to address and expedite the recovery process.  Church Insurance Agency is there to help you file a claim quickly and easily so that the process of addressing the loss can begin.

The following forms are used to file a claim:

Church Insurance Quick Loss Report Form
Church Insurance Property Loss Form

Outside Use of Parish Buildings

Many parishes host outside groups in their buildings, both as a ministry and a source of additional funds.  Care and planning are essential to ensure good stewardship of parish resources and appropriate risk management.

Church Insurance has an informative and helpful brochure on this subject -- which can be accessed below.

Insurance tips for hosting outside groups

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