Natural Church Development (NCD)

2010 DOIT Team Goals

For 2010, the NCD Task Group (the DO IT Team) has the following primary goals:

  • Reorganize the team itself in light of our first three years of experiences. This reorganization will include both:
  • --the consolidation, maintenance,and improvement of this kind of data, and
  • --the development of a streamlined and more responsive system of supporting and communicating with NCD parishes and coaches. This new system is already being implemented.
  •     Provide increased ongoing training and support for active NCD coaches and parishes
  •     Communicate with clergy and lay leaders in parishes where NCD has gone well and where it has not gone well to learn more about the process in the Diocese of Ohio.


Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development (NCD) is the primary process for congregational assessment and development in the Diocese of Ohio.

We began training for this process in August of 2006, with a pilot group of seven congregations in the Cleveland-Akron-Canton area. As of January, 2008, we have educated 55 coaches for the process, from all areas of the diocese, and 29 congregations are involved. Our hope is that NCD will become part of the "DNA" of most of the congregations in the diocese, over time.

NCD is the product of ongoing research into the qualities and principles that contribute to health and growth in congregations. Christian A. Schwarz, the founder of NCD, began by surveying 1000 congregations of different denominations and worship styles and determined eight quality characteristics of healthy, growing congregations. NCD has now worked with over 50,000 congregations--and the eight measures of quality still hold true. The eight quality characteristics are:

  •     Empowering leadership
  •     Gift-oriented ministry
  •     Effective structures
  •     Inspiring worship
  •     Passionate spirituality
  •     Loving relationships
  •     Need-based evangelism
  •     Holistic small groups

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