Northeast Mission Area Council

Council Chair: Mary Bowins (Christ Church, Geneva)
Vice-Chair: The Rev. Daniel Schoonmaker (St. Hubert's, Kirtland Hills)
Dean: The Rev. Christopher McCann (St. Luke's, Chardon)
Representative to Diocesan Council: The Rev. Ann Kidder (St. Christopher's, Gates Mills)
ECW President: Mary Clements (Epiphany, Euclid)

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News from January 2011 Meeting

The Northeast Ohio Mission Area (NeMAC) held its first meeting of 2011.  Our officers will remain the same for 2011: Chair - Laura Nielsen (St. James, Painesville); Vice Chair- the Rev. Dan Schoonmaker (St.Hubert's, Kirtland); Secretary - John Gregory (St. Luke's, Chardon) and Treasurer - the Rev. Marie Phillips (Epiphany, Euclid). The Rev. Chris McCann (St. Luke's, Chardon) is, of course, the Dean.

Please get in touch with Marie about sending our NeMAC funds!

Minutes of the August 23, 2010 Meeting

At our meeting on Monday, August 23, 2010, the representatives of the Northeast Mission Area Council (NeMAC) decided to move forward with our project to support Veterans. We are asking each parish in our Mission Area to do at least two things. First, pick an item from the list of needs to the Veterans' Hospital in Cleveland and have a collection and/or drive of some type to gather these items. We will collect these items at Cedar Hills by our next meeting of November 2 and will present them to the Veterans' Hospital as a gift from the parishes of the Northeast Mission Area of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio. Second, we are asking each parish to pick any item from your local Veterans agency needs and make that collection a gift from your individual parish.

The purpose behind the two separate drives/collections is to help as many Veterans as possible form a Mission Area Council level and from the individual parish level.

It was also suggested at the meeting that we pick a day to get together to work on making blankets for Veterans, to pray for them as we work and to enjoy working together as the Northeast Mission Area Council.

Thank you all for your help and dedication to our Veterans.

You will also note that we have had to change the date of our next meeting to Tuesday, November 2, at 7:00 PM at St. James. We are unable to meet on November 1 because of our EFM training.