May 10, 2010 Minutes Cuyahoga Mission Area Council

All Saints, Parma

Attendance: The parishes of St. Thomas, St. Patrick, St. Luke, St. Mark, Trinity Cathedral, St. Paul, Ascension, St. Peter, All Saints, Christ Church

Parishes not in attendance: St. Matthew (Brecksville), St. Andrew (Cleveland), St. Alban (Cleveland Heights), Advent (Westlake)

Call to order: Lonny Gatlin, Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:19 pm.

Opening prayer: Prayer was offered by Keith Owen+ (St. Peter's)

Introductions: The council members introduced themselves with dispatch.

Unfinished business/determination of quorum: The issue of a quorum of the council having not been addressed at the March meeting, the chair requested a motion to do so. Mary Jane White (St. Thomas) moved that a quorum of eight parishes be established. Nancy Sherwin (St. Paul's) seconded. Following a brisk discussion in which common consent determined that a) eight was too large a number and b) representation of a parish is achieved by the attendance of one representative, John Keller+ (Ascension) moved that seven parishes constitute a quorum. Jon Peterson (Ascension) seconded. Additional brisk discussion followed in which Byrdie Lee (Christ Church) recommended that the motion be rephrased to declare 50% of the parishes, whatever that number might be, as a quorum for doing business. The various movers and seconders not objecting, the vote was taken to establish 50% as a quorum. Passed without dissent.

Additional discussion regarding voting as individual members or as parishes followed. David Bargetzi+ (St. Luke's) moved that each parish have one vote. Frank Schembs (St. Peter's) seconded. The motion passed, with Ms. Lee voting against passage.

Minutes: Mrs. Sherwin requested that clergy be so identified in the minutes. The secretary made the corrections and agreed to continue to make the distinction. Fr. Bargetzi moved acceptance of the corrected minutes, Mrs. Sherwin seconded, and the minutes were approved.

The chairman requested that each person print his/her own copy of the minutes when they are sent or posted and noted that a draft copy will be posted to the blog and made accessible by a link.

Review of Canon on Mission Areas & rationale: The chairman briefly recapitulated the basic information

Discussion sessions: In small groups the members explored parish mission inventories and concluded that education and feeding activities are very well represented in the parishes and that the mission area as a whole need not create new programs in these areas but might work to strengthen the existing efforts. Mrs. Lee suggested that the mission area consider coordinating an appreciation day to honor community service workers (teachers, health care workers, public safety personnel, etc.) in the various parishes as being an appropriate project for making a beginning. No consensus was reached.

The group was in agreement that for the time being, quarterly meetings are too infrequent for real progress, and the next meeting of the Council will be held Tuesday, June 1, 7:00 pm at St. Paul's.

The chair reiterated that funds for support of the Councils will be available in the next diocesan budget and called attention to diocesan elective offices for which nominees are being sought. And he reminded the group that the Cuyahoga County Government will be restructuring to a County Executive and County Council System this year. The primary election is scheduled for September 7th which will produce viable candidates representing each political party. The group agreed that the it would be reasonable for the Chair to pursue the possibility of having the nominees address the Council at our September meeting in order to help the candidates better understand our position relative to Mission endeavors by the Episcopal Church in Cuyahoga County.

In addition, the group concurred that the sending of mass e-mails to the Council should be reserved for use by the Council officers only.


Diocesan Council: Fr. Bargetzi reported that there is some concern that the Cuyahoga Mission Area is too large. Feedback on the subject is requested. Additionally Fr. Bargetzi noted the Diocesan Leadership conference on May 22 at Trinity Commons.

Episcopal Church Women: Carol Culp reported on the highly successful annual meeting of the Episcopal Church Women on April 30 and May 1. Attendance was up from recent years (100 registered participants included 8 children and 12 clergy) with an excellent keynote speaker (Meredith Bowen) and a broad selection of nine breakout sessions for the delegates and a special program for the children attending.
[Business highlights and other reports of the meeting will be published in Church Life.] Additional comments were made by Mrs. Sherwin.

There being no further business, Fr. Bargetzi offered a closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Carol Ann Culp