Diocesan Youth Event - October 3-5

The Diocesan Youth Event will be held October 3-5, 2014 at Christ Church, Warren. The deadline for Registration is September 26.

“God made every kind of wildlife, every kind of livestock, and every kind of creature that crawls on the ground.  God saw how good it was.”
Genesis 1:25

Animals of all shapes and sizes are vital to life on this planet. In relationship with human beings they serve as therapists, companions, guides, and agents of safety. Animals also touch our souls in ways that only other creatures can do by tapping into our humor and dreams as well as calming our fears. This weekend youth will explore their relationships with God's creatures through interactions with animals and those who work with them including a visit to Wagon Trail Animal Park. 

Register online at https://2014dye.eventbrite.com