Church Home Grant Applications Due May 15

The mission of the Church Home is to assist the elderly persons within the Diocese of Ohio through the initiation and/or support of programs which address their housing needs; and/or which provide services and assistance necessary for them to maintain their dignity and enhance their quality of life.

Consider applying for a Church Home Grant to help with the costs of your program! Grant applications are due May 15, 2014.

Download the Church Home Grant Application

Church Home Funding Information / Criteria
    The program must be for elderly people within the Diocese of Ohio.
    Program and/or sponsoring agency must have a 501(c)(3) IRS organizational status.
    Program must have Episcopal Church participation through one or more of the following; parish based ministry, Board of Director's membership, senior staff, significant support or volunteers.
    Grants may be made for capital or/or operating expenses as appropriate.
    The grants are dependent on the availability of funds and the funding decision of the Board of Governors.
    No funds will be sent until all paperwork is in.

Please email completed documents to Betty Kondrich, at

Or mail completed forms to:
Diocese of Ohio
Episcopal Community Services
Attn: Betty Kondrich
2230 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115-2405

If there are any questions, please contact Betty Kondrich at or call 216-774-0466.