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Advent - Lots of teaching resources - Colors of Advent, Wreaths, and more - Readings for Lighting of the Advent - Advent service, prayer stations - Advent calendar for a year - Make an Advent calendar

PDF  Advent Poinsettia Legend

PDF Advent Fun Recipe Flyer

PDF Advent Praying in Color (wreath)

Word Doc Prayers Suitable for the Season of Advent

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All Saints

Word Doc--All Saints Day Party

Word Doc- Party Ideas

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Altar Guild - Handbook for altar guilds  National Altar Guild Association, How to, When to and more!  From the Anglican Diocese of the South…can be downloaded as a booklet.  Altar Guild handbook from Christ Episcopal Church in Valdosta, Georgia. An Altar Guild manual from St. John’s Episcopal in Hingham, MA. Front cover and text from A Manual for Altar Guilds with suggestions for Altar Linen.  Compiled by Josephine Smith Wood in 1915

 PDF Handbook for Altar Guilds from the Diocese of Texas

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Bible Study - Online guided bible study - Bible study for personal or group use - Prayer book guide to Christian education - Youth bible studies - Lessons from the book of Luke to fit the lectionary, Year C - Resources for teaching and studying the book of Matthew - Resources for teaching and studying the book of Mark - Resources for teaching and studying the book of Luke - Resources for teaching and studying the book of John

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Bible Movies (YouTube)

The Acts of the Apostles

Gospel of Matthew

The Holy Bible, Exodus


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The Bishop is Visiting! Resources for Children - Wikipedia page - Bishop Mark Hollingsworth, Jr. Bio - Bishop David Bowman Bio - Bishop William Persell Bio - Bishop Arthur Williams Bio - Episcopal Shield Coloring Page - Bishop's Visit Resource from the Diocese of Texas - Bishop's Visit Resource from the Diocese of Minnesota

PDF File - The Bishop's Vestments

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Blessing of the Animals

PDF File- Blessing of the Animals at Home

Word Document- A Blessing Liturgy

Word DOC - A Blessing of the Animals liturgy- Catholic

PDF File - Blessing of the Animals Order of Service, RSPCA

PDF File - Blessing of the Animals Order of Service, St. Margaret's, Little Rock AR

Word DOC - Blessing of the Animals, Web of Creation

Word DOC- Blessing of the Pets, Rev. Robert Morrison

Word DOC - Planning Guidelines from the Diocese of Western NY

Word DOC - St. Francis icon

PDF File - Liturgy

PDF File - Prayer Cards

PDF File - Collection of Prayers and Liturgies

PDF File - St. Francis Liturgy from the Diocese of TX

PDF File- Order of Service

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Blogs and Newsletters

Rows of Sharon

Building Faith


Episcopal Cafe

Dirty Sexy Ministry

YouTube video blog- Father Matthew Presents

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Book of Common Prayer The BCP in many languages, history, et  Prayerbook Guide to Christian Education

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Anti-Bullying Resources (compiled from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, St. Peter’s in Westfield NY, and the internet)



Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History - Video and Viewer's Guide
Teaching Tolerance provides a free copy of the video "Bullied" along with a thorough viewer's guide with a guide for teachers, a quiz and a list of additional resources.

Kid Videos | › Kids

Watch these videos to learn how KB, Josh, Milton, and their friends deal with kids who bully. After watching each video, take a quiz to see how much you know ...



The Pacer Center,,

Reconciling Works,

Scenes- analyze different responses to bullying,

A Bullying Quiz and Handout with Answers
A quiz from Teaching Tolerance to help people understand behavioral patterns and social behavior in the role of bullying.

Bullying Circle Skit and Roles (pdf)

©2007 Olweus Bullying Prevention Group.

Classroom Toolkit for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week
A resource from the Pacer Center to promote bullying awareness, with information sheets, discussion topics and more.

Teacher’s Guide, Grades 9-12

Bullying Discussion Guide – primary grades

Discussion Guidelines from Bullying No Way

Antibullying Reflection Questions from



[PDF]Anti-Bullying Pledge

Lincoln Unified School District


Take the Pledge - National Bullying Prevention Center - PACER Center › Home › Classroom › Elementary School › Activities

Elementary school students are invited to take the “Kids Against Bullying” pledge! Students promising to speak up, reach out, and be a friend when they see ...



Dear Colleague Letter on Harrassment and Bullying
From the U.S. Department of Education; clarifies the relationship between bullying and discriminatory harassment under civil rights laws.


Federal Laws:



Informative site at

Teaching Tolerance has a number of other resources available as free downloads from its Web


Ending Bullying: Its Our Call
A PowerPoint presentation developed by Malinda Collier for the 217th Annual Council.

"Teen Suicide
A blog post by Paris Ball, diocesan director of Christian Formation, on the diocesan blog for youth leaders; provides a list of resources for conversation, support and response to bullying.

Bullying by the Numbers
A compilation of statistics from Teaching Tolerance.

The Bully Trap
An article from Teaching Tolerance.

What To Do About Bullying
On name-calling and bullying in schools, from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.


Bullying: Guidelines for Teachers
Tips for educators, from Teaching Tolerance.

Bullying: Tips for Students
A checklist of tips from Teaching Tolerance.

Bully Free: Tips for Parents
From by Dr. Allan L. Beane.

Seven Things Kids Need to Know about Bullying
From by Dr. Allan L. Beane.

Where All Can Safely Live: A Guide to Understanding Bullying in Our Communities
A guide to understanding bullying in our communities, how to talk about it and how to prevent it, from Lutherans Concerned. 

Dignity at Work
From the Diocese of Newark Dignity at Work Task Force.

Stop Bullying:

Stop Bullying Guide  from PBS teen series, In the Mix

Violence Prevention Works:

The Bully Project:

Stomp out Bullying:

Believe it Outloud/Where All Can Safely Live: A Guide to Understanding Bullying in Our Communities:

Reconciling Works/Lutherans for Full Participation:

Workplace Bullying Institute:

National Crime Prevention Council:

Bullying Prevention - › Chapter Tools › Conflict Management

Chapter Access: Activities and suggestions including reproducible Bullying Prevention Brochures, sample skits, coloring books, Public Service Announcements

Candlemas   Information and ideas  Information about Candlemas   some background, food ideas, etc   Superstitions and Traditions   page 153 Manual of episcopal ceremonies: based on the Caeremoniale episcoporum ...By Aurelius Stehle

PDF File -  The ABCs of Candlemas

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Children and Worship

PDF File - Making Room for Children in Church-pamphlet

PDF File - Helping Children write Liturgy

Word DOC - Top 10 Reasons Why Children are Welcomed in Our Church

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Children's Ministry   Lesson Plans That Work free. lectionary based.  archived lesson plans   Weaving God's Promises --offered to all parishes in DOHIO at no cost for 2015    Episcopal Curriculum for Children--now a free children's curriculum, everything is online    Activity Village--for school teachers but lots of ideas for children, crafts, activities, etc   Danielle's Place- great for crafts    Children's Curriculum from Canada--Free. online.

Episcopal Children's Curriculum (free)  and downloadable

Rotation (curriculum)  guest membership is restricted but free

Episcopal Teacher newsletter free


For Purchase

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Children's Stories- discussion and prayers-story book not included

PDF File - Introduction to Children Learn What They Read - SAMPLE LESSONS

PDF File - Antonio's Card

PDF File - Dear Juno

PDF File - I Love You Like Crazy Cakes

PDF File - Jingle Dancer

PDF File - Welcome Precious

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Christian Biographies  Biographies and dates of commemoration

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Christian Formation  newsletter, lessons, activities, etc for children's ministry   101 free tips, or join for a fee for more  all kind of ideas here. An open space to share religious resources.  An archive project of the Assoc. of Lutheran Resource Centers  Youth Formation Link  youth resources  youth resources  youth resources  link to materials,ideas and resources for Christian Formation  All kinds of formation resources    a good general resource for the Episcopal Church and Christian Formation   online Christian Education Community

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PDF file Make a Jesse Tree

PDF File - Jesse Tree  Adaptation of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever A Christmas Pageant Script  The First Christmas- A pageant script Traditionally Untraditional

PDF File -  Christmas Pageant Script Year A-based on Luke's Gospel,

                 Christmas Pageant Script Year B-based on Matthew's Gospel,

                 Christmas Pageant Script Year C-based on Luke's Gospel from St. Gregory of NYSSA Episcopal Church San Francisco

PDF File - Christmas Mass for Children, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis MO (Episcopal)

PDF File- Las Posadas Pageant from Worship Ways, United Church of Christ

PDF File - Las Posadas song

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PDF File - Journey to the Center, full journal

PDF File - Confirmation Curriculum from the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama

PDF File - Guidelines for Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation from the Episcopal Diocese of CT

PDF File - Overview of Youth Confirmation Materials from Church Publishing, 2011

PDF File - Guidelines for Reception and Confirmation  for Persons Joining the Episcopal Church

PDF File - Overview of Confirmation curricula from the Diocese of Newark

PDF File - Overview of Confirmation Resources from the Diocese of Chicago

PDF File - Confirmation Curriculum Guide from the Episcopal Diocese of New York

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Communion Bread  Communion Bread recipe  Communion Bread recipe  Communion Bread recipe  Communion Bread recipe

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Curriculum Surveys- see who is using what and keep up on trends for children's curriculum

PDF File - Church Publishing Curriculum Survey 2010

PDF File - Church Publishing Curriculum Survey 2013

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History, Customs and Symbols,  links to activities for children

Word Doc - Jelly Bean Prayers, Resurrection Rolls and Easter Cookies

Word Doc - Interactive Prayer Stations on Easter and Resurrection

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Emergency Preparedness  from Province IV  The Episcopal Relief and Development website has its own resource page  From the Diocese of Louisiana ECS, a one page Disaster Preparedness and Recovery  Here is a government website that has resources available  are you prepared?   Free source tool kit   free online training courses   training for active shooter response   for small businesses

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Epiphany   chalk blessing also as a Word Doc - Epiphany Chalk House Blessing

Word Doc - Epiphany Chalking the Door

PDF File - Blessing of Homes  resources for all seasons chalk blessing  send it home ideas  resources for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany  epiphany resources and ideas  see others also at for readings, images, reflections, sermons, group studies, etc.

PDF File - Epiphany Eucharist

Word Doc - Epiphany ideas from Anglicans Online

Word Doc - Epiphany links

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Episcopal Identity

PDF File - Around One Table, Exploring Episcopal Identity, Abbreviated Version

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Episcopal Resources

Faith At Home Resources  Home Churching   connect church & family w/ quarterly magazine   - FREE resource for connecting faith and life. There is something for ALL ages.

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Gender Identity

A discussion on gender identity with Episcopal context. A 'hard copy' is also available at the Resource Center. This documentary explores gender identity--click here to see the video.

Also there is a great visual to help explain gender identity, male-ness/female-ness, orientation, etc on a spectrum.

More info can be found at:

Greeter, Training  How to welcome a church visitor—video   a playlist with a couple of good videos on ways to greet or not to greet church visitors   Let’s Play Church, a skit (pdf) is a skit from Dramatix that shows how important it is to be welcoming   other lighthearted and dramatic Christian skits from Dramatix

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Halloween  What does the bible say about Halloween?  Filling the Holiday with light-lots of info and activities.

PDF file  Christians and Halloween

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Word Doc - Creepy Crawly

Word Doc - I Never

PDF - Living Sculpture

Word Doc - TP or M&M  Get to Know You

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Instructed Eucharist

PDF File - Annotated Eucharist from the King of Peace Episcopal Church

Word Doc - Instructed Eucharist from

Word Doc - Instructed Eucharist by David Bateman

PDF File - Instructed Eucharise from Grace Episcopal Church

PDF File - Instructed Eucharist from LEAP

Word Doc - Instructed Eucharist from the Diocese of Montreal

PDF File - Instructed Eucharist Template

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Internet Safety

Powerpoint--Internet Safety fo Middle and High School, NYS 2010 FILE IS TOO LARGE TO PUT ON SERVER, SO REQUEST BY EMAIL TO


Powerpoint - Online Safety, A Parnet's Guide, NYS 2010   FILE IS TOO LARGE TO PUT ON SERVER, SO REQUEST BY EMAIL TO

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Labyrinth Resources

PDF File - CHARTRES paper labyrinth with instructions

PDF File - CRETAN paper labyrinth with instructions

PDF File - ROMAN paper labyrinth with instructions

PDF File - Children's colored left hand finger labyrinth

PDF File - Children's colored right hand finger labyrith

PDF File - Children's paper labyrinth instructions

PDF File - CRETAN left-handed

PDF File - CRETAN right-handed

PDF File - paper finger labyrinth

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Lent  a free 2015 Lenten giving calendar from Jenifer Gamber  This site has been updated for 2015  Lenten resources from the Anglican Church of Canada

lenten prayer stations Activities for adults  palm crosses  palm crosses  palm crosses  palm crosses  palm crosses  palm crosses

PDF File - Palm Weaving- Crown of Thorns

Three Minute Retreats--take one at your desk!!!  Meditations from Loyola Press

PDF File -A list of resources, meditations, and activities for Lent, including music, video, audio and art.  Something for everyone. 

Word Document Lenten Resources including music, meditations, activities, etc

Link to Lent Resources from the Mustard Seed Association

Word Doc - Good Friday Prayer Stations

PDF File - Fill Me, Use Me, A Lenten Study Resource From the Black Ministries of the Episcopal Church

PDF File - Lenten study from the Diocese of Canterbury

Word Doc - Lenten Pretzels with prayers

Word Doc - Lenten Pretzels

Word Doc - Pretzels for Lent

Word Doc - Lenten Resources, compiled by Gennie Callard, Diocese of Western Michigan

PDF File - Our Lenten Eggs

PDF File -  Youth Ministry Ideas for Lent

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Life Cycle of Congregations

PNG Image - Congregational Life Cycle

PDF File - Life Cycle of a Church Talk Sheet copyrighted by The Wasleyhan Church Corp.

Powerpoint - Congregational Life Cycle , from The Episcopal Church

PDF File - Stages of Church Life, Bullard

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Liturgical Calendar 2015

Liturgical Calendar  PDF

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Word Doc - Burying the Alleluias, from a NAECED blog post

Word Doc - A Seusscharist, from the Diocese of Central PA

PDF File - The Way of the Cross, St. John's Cathedral, Denver CO

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Word Doc - Hitchhiker's Guide to Luke, Year C, Easter Series

Word Doc - Hitchhiker's Guide to Luke, Year C,Through Epiphany

Word Doc - Hitchhiker's Guide to Luke, Year C, Lent Series

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Dynamic map of the spread of world religions Geography of the Bible

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Movie Discussion Guides

PDF File - The Sound of Music

PDF File - Bully

Word Doc - Midnight in Paris

Word Doc - Take Shelter

Word Doc - Uner the Same Moon

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NOOMA Video Descriptions

Word Doc - NOOMA video descriptions

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Prayer Beads

Word Doc - Anglican Rosary Links

PDF File - Anglican Rosary, Rick Millsap, Reno NV, 2009

Word Doc - King of Peace Rosary Info, Kingsland, GA

Word Doc - Prayer Beads, Sharon Ely Pearson (c) Good News, August/September 2001

Word Doc - Prayer for the Anglican Rosary, source unknown

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Prayer Stations

PDF File - Braided Prayers

PDF File - Burdens

PDF File - Confession

PDF File - Crossword Puzzle

PDF File - Grace Holey-ness

Word Doc - Prayer Room Experience

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PDF File - Seder information and ideas 

PDF File - Christian Seder

PDF File - Passover Haggadah long

PDF File - Passover Haggadah short

Word Doc - The Passover Seder for Christians

PDF File - Haggadah

Word Doc - A Christian Passover Seder

Sermon Help

Sermons that Work  From the Episcopal Church

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These are all links to internet sites.

Great source of resources for teaching, preaching and annual stewardship programs

Stewardship pages of the Episcopal Church Center
Ministry of Money: Exploring money and spirituality

Stewardship Pages of the United Methodist Church

Year round stewardship

Guide to Year Round Stewardship Planning from the Presbyterian Foundation

“Effective Approaches to Growth and Stewardship in the Small Church” (article)
Alban Institute. Perry Bell, author. Wisconsin Conference, United Church of Christ

“Eight Ways Congregations Raise Pledges” (article)
Alban Institute. Perry Bell, author. Wisconsin Conference, United Church of Christ

Church Fundraising that Works

The Alban Institute

Ideas for planning a campaign

From the Diocese of Kansas: complete stewardship programs used in 2008 and 2009. A great starting point for your parish stewardship campaign.
Casting Into Deep Waters.
Go Forth!

From the Diocese of Ottawa:

From the Catholic Diocese of Charleston:
A curriculum for children and youth....copyrighted use as a reference only

Other Resources
Stewardship tools and resources from the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF)
Stewardship Resources from the Presbyterian Foundation
Walking the Way, a TENS stewardship program

Ecumenical Stewardship Center-Stewardship in the Small Membership Congregation-digital download to purchase

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All of the Taize songs-YouTube Link

Taize resources, a link to resources