Parish Administrator Position Opening

Parish Administrator Position Opening

Christ Church, Shaker Heights

F-T, 98% M-F 2% other times

$30K+ salary, full medical/dental benefits, pension plan, paid vacation, 12 holidays.

The person applying has to be someone who is - once trained - self-directed and must be able to take initiative in doing their tasks ( no mirco-managing.) They need good software computer skills, be able to do data input for Servantkeeper, our membership program, and be able to use the Internet as a research tool to assist them in doing their job. They need to do initial proofs of their work before passing it along to our two editors and/or the Rector. The production of bulletins and the weekly eNews is critical, although these are mostly a matter of cut and paste into existing tempaltes. They need to be aware of the life of the parish so they know how to capture information for eNews and the weekly announcements. They should be able to update our website on a regular basis. This task will be very easy on the new platform being developed. Also need to go onto FB so to add items periodically to the parish's page. This all requires a reasonably organized and attentive person. They need to be a good conduit of information between the leadership (Rector/Wardens) committees heads, outside groups, vendors, etc. They need to deal with a moderate about of stress. They need to know the layout of the building and where every room is located and how it is used. The person must be open and willing to learning and understanding Episcopal/Anglican language and the order of worship of the essential liturgies we use which are the Eucharist and Evensong. They need to keep the parish Master Calendar and be able to use critical thinking to make decisions they are empowered to make. They need to work well with the other staff members and be completely supportive of the rector in his ministry. They need a pleasant personality, disposition and be energetic.

Christ Church is a diverse, friendly, growing congregation in the midst of a a major urban renewal area.

Applicants may send an email with attached resume and three references to the Rector, the Rev. Peter Faass at