Photography Exhibit by the Rev. John Holliger

“We Shall Not Cease From Our Exploration”
A Photographic Reflection Engaging the Beauty of the Earth
February 1 – April 30, 2015
Rivers Edge Conference Center
3430 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, OH 44111
This exhibit features photography by the Rev. John Holliger.

This exhibit is an invitation to an open hearted engagement with the beauty of the earth and the beauty you are.  The beauty that is outside us continually flows inward to help form our lives, and the beauty that we are, flows outward to shape our part of the earth.  Ultimately this is one truth.  We live in this one flow of the evolution of our self and the earth and our communities. 

Our traditions invite us to be awake to this continual interchange, living in ways with our interior guide to shape and form in ways that are life giving.

We carry burdens and failures and loss.  In this exhibit, photography, poetry, and the photographer’s reflections invite you to pause… before these images of beauty… and be refreshed with open hearted hospitality for yourself and your community and the earth’s habitats.

Pause… breathe deeply… linger.