Urban RenUal Camp in Wakeman

a camp for young people in grades 8-10

focusing on the creativity of God, the creativity of urban redevelopment, and how the campers can be part of both in Ohio City and in Shaker Heights, urban communities are remaking themselves to encourage new businesses and cooperative ventures of all kinds:
  • the arts:  drama, dance, visual arts, music, and film
  • local food:  growing and eating what’s here and what’s good
  • sustainable green space:  parks for the people
  • spiritual experience and exploration:  in church and out
  • renovation and preservation:  new use for old buildings
  • social justice:  making a place at the table for all
  • creating community:  bringing people together where they live

We’ll learn what renewal means to God, what it means to us, and what it means to the city in Shaker Heights and Ohio City

We’ll imagine and experience what we can contribute, we’ll reflect on what we do and see, and how we are being changed by what we experience, and we’ll sing and play and pray and create.

Come and see!

This camp week is being sponsored by the Diocese of Ohio, and Christ Church, Shaker Heights, and St John’s Church, Ohio City.  We will have five full-time adult chaperones who have had Safeguarding God’s Children training and background checks, and who have worked with young people in church and social settings.  This staff will be augmented by adult presenters who have also had background checks and experience working with young people.

The dates of camp are:  July 6-July 11, starting at 2 pm at Christ Church in Shaker Heights and ending in Wakeman with a picnic dinner for campers and parents at 4:00 p.m.  For two days in the middle, campers will be at St. John’s Church in Ohio City.

We will accept only 25 campers.  We’d like the campers themselves to be as diverse as possible, so we may conduct interviews before we fill all the slots. 

Please fill out the attached application in full and return it to Urban RenUal, The Diocese of Ohio, 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115, ATTN:  Antoinette Taylor.

We ask each camper to provide a reference from an adult who is not a member of his/her family, and to answer a few brief questions.  The application is attached.

Cost for each camper is $150 for the whole six days.  Cost is deliberately being kept very low, but it will cover most meals and admission to museums and artistic events.  If you would like scholarship help, please let us know.  We don’t want cost to keep anyone from coming.

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY MARCH 1, 2015.  We will let you know whether you have been accepted by March 15, 2015. 

--> Click here for the application <--

Parents are welcome to drop in and see what we are up to, and we will have a Celebration Event at the end of camp in Wakeman so that parents can see and experience what we have done together.

Once campers are accepted, we will give a more complete schedule of events and activities, and a complete list of what to bring.  We will also get parents to fill out permission slips at that time.