Nominations Open for Province V Synod 2015

President Provincial offices are up for election: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, Executive Council representative (lay) and 3 persons for the Joint Committee on the Election of a Presiding Bishop.


Offices & Duties

The president and vice president may be lay, deacon, presbyter or bishop.  If the president is a lay person, deacon or presbyter the vice president must be a bishop. This is a three year term. The elected bishop, president or vice president, becomes the President of the Province V House of Bishops as well as a member of the Presiding Bishop’s Council of Advice.

The secretary may be a lay person, deacon, presbyter or bishop. The person in this position attends Executive Board meetings, takes minutes and assists with communication as needed. This is a 3 year term.

The treasurer may be a lay person, deacon, presbyter or bishop. This individual is responsible for maintaining the financial transactions of the province and needs to be familiar with the business methods of this church. This is a 3 year term.

The Province V Representative to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church will be a lay person this cycle.  This person will attend Executive Council meetings (2 per year) and Province V Executive Board meetings (1 per year) face to face meetings and phone conference calls. Members of the Executive Council work on subcommittees and must be available for conference calls for that also. This is a six year term.

Joint Committee for the Election of a Presiding Bishop: Province V must take 3 nominees each, lay, clergy and bishop to General Convention.  Nominees must be deputies to General Convention.  At General Convention the deputies from Province V will gather in caucus to elect and nominate two persons in each order from those names put forward by Synod. (From these nominees the full House of Deputies shall elect one representative from each order to the committee.) This is a three year term.


Click here for the Nomination form or visit for more information.

For purposes of communication, nominations received after March 17 will be communicated at Synod, those received prior to March 17 will be announced in the March issue of Convene.