Bishop's Bike Ride Celebrates 10 Years

Twenty-two cyclists rode into Wakeman last Saturday in time to join a celebration of the purchase of our new camp and retreat center in Wakeman Township. The bike ride this year started in Oberlin, with a long ride the next day to Old Trinity, Tiffin. From there, cyclists rode to St. Mark's, Shelby; Grace, Mansfield; St. Paul's, Medina; and into Wakeman. It rained nearly every day and occasionally with a downpour, but the ride went on, as it does every year. In spite of the weather, almost every cyclist thought it was a great ride, building fellowship and good friends throughout the diocese.

The first ride began after the 2006 Convention, when Bishop Hollingsworth and a few others decided to ride back from Columbus. It was deemed such a success, the ride continued every year thereafter, gathering more riders every year. At the 2009 General Convention in Anaheim, the bishop and seven others cycled across the country, ending at The Episcopal Church Center in New York. It took them 11 days of riding around the clock. Subsequent rides have been much more modest, lasting five days, and including all types and abilities of riders.

How It Works

The Bishop's Bike Ride follows routes between our parishes. Each night the hosting parish houses and feeds the riders and SAG (support and gear) drivers. In return, the riders raise funds for youth ministries throughout the diocese. Riders range from those who can finish any length of ride in a few hours to people who ride leisurely all day. It's also possible to ride one day, all five, or anything in between. Everyone is welcome. The Bishop's Bike Ride is held at the end of June.

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