Adult Faith Formation Training

It is time for every church to commit to adult faith formation.  The transmission of faith to the next generation lies not in our work with children and youth, but rather with adults. It's time to flip the paradigm.

Designed for clergy and lay congregational and/or formation leaders, this training is offered by Vibrant Faith, a frequent partner with Virginia Seminary and others. This is the same group that led the Intergenerational Formation Training which was held last year and that five of our congregations are currently involved with in a year-long Diocese of Ohio pilot program.

This workshop is being offered at 25 sites around the country, but because we are sponsoring these two days, members of The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio can attend for $35 (half the general public's price).

Spend a day exploring effective adult faith formation at either:

Morning hospitality provided. You are on your own for lunch.


Additional information:

Spend a day exploring the possibilities and discovering the resources, methods, and strategies for doing effective adult faith formation in the congregation.

In the context of the four seasons of adulthood - young adult, midlife adult, mature adult, older adult - we will explore:

  • Practical approaches that reach beyond traditional practices that have more-or-less mirrored the schooling, education model
  • New Models that are showing real promise in some congregations
  • Digitally enabled efforts that are appropriate for the audience and doable
  • Design and planning process for building a networked approach to adult faith formation.

You'll come away with . . .

  • A renewed vision for empowering adults in their journey of faith
  • A host of methods and strategies that you can customize and integrate into your congregation
  • A practical planning and implementation process that you can take home and utilize right away
  • An introduction to a plethora of resources already tested and proven to enhance adult faith
  • A positive experience of adult learning and growth for yourself

Facilitated by Jim Merhaut, Adjunct Trainer for Vibrant Faith

\Jim is a professional leadership consultant & trainer, writer, retreat leader and national speaker. Jim's most recent contribution was to the Lifelong Faith book, Seasons of Adult Faith Formation. He was also the principal writer and project coordinator for Families on a Mission: A Family Service and Mission Experience. Jim and his wife, Debbie, have five children and reside in Ohio where they enjoy organic vegetable gardening, raising small livestock, and pursuing a simple lifestyle.