Open Clergy Positions

To inquire about any of the positions listed below, please contact the Office of Christian Vocations at (216) 774-0460, or in Ohio at (800) 551-4815 x460. E-mail inquiries may be sent to the Rev. Percy Grant (

If you are a clergy person interested in applying to one of these parishes, please send your resume, a photo, OTM, and letter of intent to the Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth in care of the Rev. Percy Grant, 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115.

For additional information:

The following parishes within the Diocese of Ohio are conducting searches for clergy:

Canton, St. Paul's (website)
Position: Rector
Search Stage: Taking names
Communicants: 115
Average Sunday Attendance: 66
Budget: $273,295
Cleveland, St. Andrew's (website)
Position: Rector
Search Stage: Parish meetings
Communicants: 126
Average Sunday Attendance: 67
Budget: $226,203
Cleveland, Trinity Cathedral (website)
Position: Dean
Search Stage: Parish meetings
Communicants: 1,010
Average Sunday Attendance: 371
Budget: $1,520,354
Toledo, St. Michael's-in-the-Hills (website)
Position: Priest-in-Charge
Search Stage: OTM posted
Communicants: 277
Average Sunday Attendance: 130
Budget: $385,670
Uniontown, New Life (website)
Position: Part-time Rector
Search Stage:
Communicants: 83
Average Sunday Attendance: 54
Budget: $142,173
Westlake, Church of the Advent (website)
Search Stage:
Communicants: 139
Average Sunday Attendance: 70
Budget: $224,401