Other Committees and Commissions

Ohio Council of Churches

The Ohio Council of Churches (OCC) is a partnership of 17 Christian faith denominations throughout the state. Established in 1919, Ohio is one of the oldest of the state ecumenical councils. Its seventeen denominations encompass some 6,000 congregations and more than 3,000,000 members. The Council co-sponsors various events and activities with other organizations.

The Board is comprised of each bishop and executive leader of the 27 judicatories. Funding for the Ohio Council of Churches is primarily from each judicatory.

The Foundation, Board of Trustees is entrusted with fiduciary responsibilities of endowment and investment. It is comprised of representatives from the various 27 judicatories of the Council.

The Governing Board meets three times a year. The two Commissions are Faith & Order and Justice & Advocacy. A yearly Ohio Ministries Convocation (OMC) invites people from around the state and beyond to gather for two days to hear keynoters and attend workshops.

We are an Ohio expression of the worldwide ecumenical movement. Ecumenism is the quest for unity in diversity and the collaborative effort of the churches to be one in their witness and service to the world. Our mandate is to respond to Jesus' prayer: "that they may all be one...so that the world may believe." (John 17:21)



Diocesan Disciplinary Board

The Diocesan Disciplinary Board is the pool of individuals from which members of an Ecclesiastical Trial Court are drawn in the event that the Diocese has an Ecclesiastical Trial. The Disciplinary Board is comprised of five clergy and four lay members.

Diocesan Disciplinary Board Members
The Rev. Mary Carson
The Rev. Gayle Catinella
The Rev. Gay Jennings
The Rev. Christopher McCann
The Rev. Stephen Sedgwick 

Mr. Charles Billow
Ms. Nancy Foye-Cox
Ms. Mary Cushing
Ms. Celia Smart


Cathedral Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter, which meets once a year, serves as the council of advice to the Cathedral. In addition to the clergy and laypersons elected by Convention, the Chapter also includes the Bishop, the Dean, the residentiary canons, the Chancellor, the chair of the Cathedral Trustees, the Cathedral’s senior and junior wardens, the clergy and treasurer of the Cathedral vestry, two members of the Diocese appointed by the Bishop, and two persons from the Greater Cleveland community appointed by the Dean in consultation with the Bishop.

Cathedral Chapter Roster
Tom Austin
Jeffrey Baddeley
David Bargetzi
Melody Hart
Bishop Mark Hollingsworth
Dean Tracey Lind
Linda Martin
David Posteraro
Patricia Roberts
Michael Schoop
Michael Schwartz
Himie-Budu Shannon