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Worksheet for Calculation fo Social Security Reimbursement for Clergy

Self-Employment Tax Reimbursement Worksheet Fill-in

Episcopal Parish Accessibility Guide

Are you considering making or updating the accessibility of your building to the disabled?  A helpful guide to this important topic is found below.

Episcopal Parish Accessibility Guide

Clergy Pension Forms

When a parish hires a new rector or priest-in-charge, the parish must notify the Church Pension Fund to update the cleric's pension records and transfer or initiate billing to the right organization.  Similar reporting is needed when there is a change in compensation or duties within the same organization.

Below are the Church Pension Fund forms used for the above purposes:

Clergy Pension New Assignment Notice
Clergy Pension - Change in Compensation or Duties

Records Retention Guide

Frequently, parishes inquire about how long to keep their financial and other important records.  Attached is the most recent update from the Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs published by The Episcopal Church in New York.  This 2009 update includes sections on electronic records, as well as guidelines for manual and other computed-produced information.

Records Retention Guide

Don't shred, dispose of, or store away your records without it!


Tax Exemption Letters

We recommend that every parish obtain and maintain a copy of its tax exemption, also known as 501c(3) letter, in its permanent files.  The Diocese, as well as each parish, is covered under a group exemption letter from the IRS.  The Episcopal Church Center office in New York maintains a list of the organizations covered by the exemption.  In order to obtain a copy, please call June Victor at 1-800-334-7626 and ask for a copy of the letter.  Please have the following information when you call:  Parish name, city, and Federal Tax ID number.  The Finance Office also has a copy of the letter for each parish.

The letter is useful for sales tax exemption purposes, or grant applications.

Business Requirements Time Line

The link below shows the mailing dates and due dates of reports parishes are required to submit to the Diocesan Finance Office.   Please print and review the form so that you are aware of these important dates.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Business Requirements Timeline