Position: Diocesan Trustee

Position Description

The Diocesan Trustees, a group of five laypeople and clergy, manage and have fiduciary responsibility for the Diocese’s Joint Investment Fund and Real Property of the Diocese:

Joint Investment Fund (JIF)*

Working with an investment advisor, the Diocesan Trustees:

  • Establish an investment policy for JIF and monitor adherence to the policy.
  • Review financial performance of JIF and evaluate performance of individual investment managers.
  • As appropriate, make decisions on investment manager replacement, including interviewing new manager candidates.
  • Set the spending rule for the Fund.
  • Work with Diocesan staff on promoting the endowment and planned giving initiatives.

Real Property of the Diocese

Working with the Bishop, the Diocesan Trustees make decisions about the disposition of, and other appropriate actions related to, the real property of the Diocese in missions, parishes and at the Diocese itself.

*JIF includes (1) endowment funds of the Diocese, (b) funds derived from parishes receiving aid or extinct parishes, and (c) other Diocesan funds and funds of parishes, parish organizations and other not-for-profit organizations affiliated with the Episcopal Church. JIF is valued at about $50 million.

In addition, an ad hoc subcommittee consisting of several Trustees has oversight of the construction of the Camp and Retreat Center in Wakeman.  The project is scheduled to be completed in 2017, at which time the Camp will transition to diocesan operations, and subject to oversight by Diocesan Council.


Diocesan Trustees serve for a five-year term. The Diocese expects that a Trustee will attend all meetings and be prepared to discuss and make decisions, as appropriate, on agenda items in materials sent to them beforehand or provided at meetings.

Trustee meetings are held quarterly, normally on Tuesdays from 4 pm-6 pm, at Trinity Commons in February, May, September and November (other meetings are held as necessary). New members elected at Diocesan Convention attend their first regularly scheduled meeting in November.

Gifts, Experiences and Skills:

The Diocese will benefit from having Trustees who:

  • Can evaluate complicated business-related issues.
  • Possess knowledge of finance/investing or the law, or both.
  • Have experience providing input for decision-making at both the local church and diocesan levels.

Continuing Diocesan Trustees

Mr. James A. Baker, Grace, Mansfield
Mr. Roberet C. Brown, St. Paul's, Cleveland Heights
The Rev. Dr. C. Eric Funston, St. Paul's, Medina
The Rev. Jan M. Smith Wood, Grace, Sandusky

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Candidates for Diocesan Trustee

Lay or Clergy