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Advent Readings at the Lighting of the Wreath

Advent Service/Prayer Stations - search for Waiting in the Starlight"

Online Advent Calendars from Trinity Wallstreet Episcopal Church starts dec. 1

Advent Resources colors of advent, advent wreath, an advent reflection, Jesse tree devotionals and more

Advent Calendars to make

Make a Jesse Tree

Altar Guild Resources:

Bible Study: Online guided bible study on academic quarter system bible study for personal or group study

LUKE this blog has lessons from Luke to fit the lectionary, Year C  this site has many resources for teaching/studying Luke


Bible Movies on YouTube

The Visual Bible-The Gospel of Matthew 4 hours 18 min 27 sec

The Book of Revelations Full Movie 1 hour 34 min 44 sec

The Visual Bible-The Gospel of John 2 hours 53 min 13 sec

The Visual Bible-The Acts of the Apostles 3 hours 12 min 29 sec

The Visual Bible- The Book of Acts 3 hours 12 min 28 sec

Esther-Full Movie

King Solomon-Full Movie

Joseph- Full Movie

The Bishop is Visiting! Resources for Children

Resources for Bishops Visit-Diocese of Ohio

Resources for Bishops Visit-from Diocese of TX

Resources for Bishop's Visit- From MN

Bishops Vestments

Blessing of the Animals:


Blogs and Newsletters:

Resourcefully Yours-
Living-In-Formation newsletter Sign up to follow her blog, resources and updates

Book of Common Prayer: BCP in many languages, history, etc.

Candlemas information and ideas information some background, food ideas, etc page 153 Manual of episcopal ceremonies: based on the Caeremoniale episcoporum ...By Aurelius Stehle


Children's Ministry Resources:

Lesson Plans That Work free. lectionary based.

Weaving God's Promises price depends on congregation size, many activities to choose from. Download from online.

Episcopal Curriculum for Children now a free children's curriculum, everything is online

Activity Village for school teachers but lots of ideas for children, crafts, activities, etc

Danielle's Place great for crafts

Children's Curriculum from Canada Free. online.

Teach Sunday School

More Resources:

Christian Biographies:

Christian Formation helps: newsletter, lessons, activities, etc. 101 free tips, or join for a fee for more all kind of ideas here Youth Formation Link youth resources youth resources youth resources youth resources link to materials,ideas and resources for Christian Formation All kinds of formation resources go to the A-Z tab, then C for resources for Children a good general resource for the Episcopal Church and Christian Formation quarterly issues containing concepts Christian Educators should be aware of online Christian Education Community
Episcopal Teacher-quarterly publication from VTS with programming ideas and news/events of interest to those working in Christian Formation.
Episcopal Teacher summer 2011


Make a Jesse Tree



History, Customs and Symbols, and links to activities for children



Epiphany links: chalk blessing chalk blessing resources for all seasons chalk blessing send it home ideas resources for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=6a01c1aab557d443&biw=1280&bih=661 epiphany resources and ideas see others also at for readings, images, reflections, sermons, group studies, etc. may be a jumping off point for children’s liturgy, etc…from the Catholic Overseas Development Agency

Episcopal Resources: Episcopal Clerical Director The Red Book Episcopal Life Online Episcopal Dictionary



Faithfully Facebook: From Randall Curtis

● To open discussion between participants on how their Facebook activity says
something about who they are.
● To inform participants about how Facebook makes money off of their Facebook
activity, so that they might be more aware of how their information is being used.
● To equip participants with strategies to use Facebook safely and faithfully.


  3. connect church & family w/ quarterly magazine
  4. - Youth and Family Ministry Links – Long list of resources from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
  5. - FREE resource for connecting faith and life. There is something for ALL ages.


Greeter, Training this is a playlist with a couple of good videos. is a skit... is a skit from


Christians and Halloween

Lenten Links:

lenten prayer stations for adults
resources offered by Saint Michael's for children/families

palm crosses

Meditations, etc:
Three Minute Retreats--take one at your desk!!! --A list of resources, meditations, and activities for Lent, including music, video, audio and art.  Something for everyone.

Dynamic map of the spread of world religions Geography of the Bible

Sermon help:

Stewardship Resources:

Compiled by the Diocese of Alaska:
Luther Seminary; St. Paul, MN.
terrific resources for teaching, preaching, annual programs. On-line newsletter.

Stewardship Pages of the Episcopal Church Center

Ministry of Money: Exploring money and spirituality

The Stewardship Connection
Home page of Eugene Grimm, Stewardship Specialist; ELCA

Stewardship Pages of the United Methodist Church

“Effective Approaches to Growth and Stewardship in the Small Church” (article)
Alban Institute. Perry Bell, author. Wisconsin Conference, United Church of Christ

“Eight Ways Congregations Raise Pledges” (article)
Alban Institute. Perry Bell, author. Wisconsin Conference, United Church of Christ

One Minute Stewardship Sermons, the Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr.
Effective means of regular reminders of place of stewardship in the life of every congregation and Christian.
Morehouse Publishing P.O. Box 1321 Harrisburg, PA. 17105

Church Fundraising that Works
a free monthly newsletter filled with practical ideas to funding programs of the parish.

The Alban Institute
Congregational and leadership development resources of every kind. Excellent site.

Ideas for planning a campaign

From the Diocese of Kansas: complete stewardship programs used in 2008 and 2009. A great starting point for your parish stewardship campaign.
Casting Into Deep Waters.
Go Forth!

From the Diocese of Ottawa:

From the Catholic Diocese of Charleston:
A curriculum for children and youth....copyrighted use as a reference only

Other Resources
--cartoons on stewardship for purchase, $29 per CD -- letter samples --pledge program links

Taize Resources


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