Summit Mission Area Council

Council Chair: The Rev. Debra Bennett (Our Saviour, Akron)
Vice Chair:
Dean: The Rev. Albert Jennings (St. Timothy's, Macedonia)
Representative to Diocesan Council: Karen Neilsen (St. Timothy's, Macedonia)
ECW President: Barbara Baird (St. Paul's, Medina)
Treasurer: The Rev. Carol Evans (Grace Church, Ravenna)
Secretary: Diane Hawkins (St. Mark's, Wadsworth)

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Minutes of the Summit Mission Area Council - September 13, 2011

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Wadsworth

Members Present:  Church of Our Saviour – Anne Schwan; St. Paul’s Akron –Elizabeth Armstrong, The Rev. Polly Glanville, Sally Goodall, Mary Shepherd; Christ Church (Hudson) –Marilyn Hansen, Jane Harrison, Pam Zuhl; Christ Church (Kent) – Sallie Bear, Gloria Gagich: St. Timothy’s – Hilary Nerby, Karen Rockwell; St. Paul’s Medina – Kim Kelly; Grace Church – The Rev. Carol Evans, Sue Ahrens, St. Mark’s – The Rev. Allan Belton, Jim Thompson.

Members Absent: St. Andrew’s (North Hill); St. Phillip’s; St. Andrew’s (Barberton); St. John’s

Regrets received from: Albert Jennings, Lynette Miller, Barbara Baird, Diane Hawkins

Guests: ECS Members Suzanne Palmer and Dick Wilkinson

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by the vice chair, Sally Goodall. She asked The Rev. Allan Belton, to lead us in a prayer. He chose one by Percy Dearmer.

The regular agenda was suspended so that Suzanne Palmer, Anne Schwan and Dick Wilkinson, from the Diocese of Ohio’s Episcopal Community Services Development Council, speak on the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and Episcopal Community Services. They asked that each parish consider supporting the Bishop’s Annual Appeal; bringing it to the attention of the parish in a locally appropriate manner – from the pulpit, in a newsletter, with a speaker, etc.  They volunteered to speak to any parish.  Each member of the Council has been assigned to liaise with individual parishes in the diocese.

In 2010, the Bishop’s Annual Appeal raised $171,000.  It is possible to support the appeal with a single gift or a pledge of a series of payments.  You may designate your gift to benefit the Community Services (the old ECSF), whose funds are distributed by Development Council, or have it go the Bishop’s Appeal.  Members of the Council will be happy to help individual parishes develop proposals for the funds available.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed via email by Sally Goodall.

  •     Motion by Karen Rockwell, 2nd by Hilary Nerby to accept the minutes as distributed.

Motion Carried.

Discussion of the book, The Great Emergence.  Allan Belton led us in a discussion of the book. He had a series of handouts addressing specific diocesan and Summit Mission Area history, trends and numbers. We addressed the question, “Is there something that we could do as a Mission Area that could bring people together.”  We discussed the “big churches”, most of which are non-denominational.  How is it that they draw so many people on such a consistent basis?  How can we better market ourselves?  Send an email to the list if you have a brainstorm on this question!


Chair – None. Eric Funston is on sabbatical.

Dean – None.  Albert Jennings is at a CREDO Conference.

Diocesan Council – Diane Hawkins sent her report via email (attached with these minutes)

Treasurer – None

ECW Chair – Hilary Nerby reported for Barbara Baird.  The ECW meeting on May 4 & %, 2012 will be in Toledo.  The guest speaker will be Bishop Curry of North Carolina.

Congregational Reports were received from Christ Church, Kent; St. Pal’s Medina, St. Timothy’s, Macedonia, and Grace, Ravenna. As promised, as the reports were emailed to the Secretary, they are included with the minutes.

Old Business:

  • Diocesan Funding – No report.
  • Stuff the Truck.  We thanked the parishes who participated, especially Brian Suntken for his coordination of the project.  We heard a report regarding the “Hope and Restoration in Alabama” project from Mary Shepherd of St. Paul’s.  Our items were used by the mission team in their trip to Alabama.  A Habitat for Humanity house was framed with the donated lumber.

New Business:

  • Polly Glanville invited everyone to a Party to celebrate this summer's Mission Work. It will be held at St.  Paul's, Akron on Saturday, October 15, from 6.30 - 9.30 p.m. There will be music, food and dancing.
  • Sallie Bear invited everyone to attend a discussion on Friday September 30 from 5.00-7.00 p.m. India Howell, founder and director of the Tanzanian Children's Fund will be giving an update on the growth and progress of the programs to help the lives of orphaned children.  Sallie has twice traveled to Tanzania to work at the orphanage. This event will be held at the home of Bishop Hollingsworth. Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails will be served and the program will begin at 5.30. RSVP by September 20 to Sallie Bear (330) 524-5011 or or Meredith Bowen (216) 789-5618 or
  • Nominations for Diocesan positions to e voted on at this November’s Convention are due by September 30th.  See the Diocese of Ohio website for more details.

The next meeting will be on November 1st at 7:00 p.m. at a place to be determined – either Christ Church, Kent, or St. Paul’s, Akron.

The meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer at 8:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Karen Rockwell, Secretary