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How To Write a Social Media Policy For Your Church

In an earlier post, we explained what a social media policy is and why your church needs one.

So now that you know your church needs a social media policy, how do you go about creating one? Here are some steps to help you create a social media policy.

1. Form a committee with the guidance of your pastor(s), congregation president, council members and other members of the congregation to begin crafting your social media policy.

What is a Social Media Policy & Does My Church Need One?

Social media plays a significant role in our culture and society today, and has become a major form of communication used by churches to share information with their members and communities. Many churches and dioceses have taken advantage of social media to expand their audiences and reach mass amounts of people that they could not reach as easily before. Social media and blogs allow for virtually anyone to post his or her thoughts and share information for the entire Internet world to see.

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