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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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I am humbled to be among those you are considering to serve as the next Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio. Having been drawn by your profile to discern with you this call, my sense of connection to you has only deepened over the past few months. When I drove into Ohio for the candidate retreat, it felt like home, and I am grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am the Rector of Christ Church in Bloomfield & Glen Ridge New Jersey, a wonderfully diverse parish that has grown continually over the past eight years. I have also served in churches that were both large and small, with liturgies that span from traditional to contemporary, high to low church. In 2019, I authored a children’s book, Why Isn’t God A Girl? A Young Girl’s Journey To See The Image Of God In Herself, published by Imagine & Wonder.

On the diocesan level, I have served as the Vice-President of Diocesan Council, on our Cross Roads Camp board, and as a chaplain at Montclair State University, where I still occasionally guest lecture in classes. I continue to serve on the Disciplinary Board, the Ecumenical/Interfaith Commission, as Co-Chair of the Anti-Sexism Task Force and a trainer for our required courses, and more. I have also been asked by our bishop to work alongside her and her staff on visioning and planning for the diocese.

For the larger church, I have served on the Constitution & Canons legislative committee, on the Special Committee on Sexual Harassment & Exploitation, as a deputy or alternate deputy, and as a chaplain for our diocesan young adult attendees. 

Prior to ordained life, I worked in the business world, including as a management consultant for large multi-national companies, partnering with my clients to clarify their mission, and facilitate the transformation to an agile and responsive organization, leveraging new resources, processes, and technology. 

All of the ministry in my life rests on a foundation of faith that began in my childhood. I was raised Baptist, and later chose the Episcopal Church for the way in which the liturgy moves my heart, and for the deep commitment to justice. It is where I found a deeper relationship with Christ, and where I heard God’s call to ordained life. The church, and my life of prayer, is also where I was given strength when my wife was ill with cancer, and following her death in 2006.

A devoted sports fan, in my sabbath time I also enjoy golf & kayaking, good food, good humor, painting, and hanging out with friends. I live in a rural part of the Garden State with my two cats, and my three-legged black lab, who is one of several Canines to the Ordinary in our diocese.

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