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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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The Role of a Bishop

The Bishop Search Committee recently interviewed two bishops to discuss The Role of a Bishop. The Bishops’  interviewed are The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Lynn Baskerville-Burrows and The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe.  We hope you find these interviews of value as we, as a Diocese, search, discern and elect our next Bishop.  The link to the interviews: The Role of a Bishop Interview.

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Lynn Baskerville-Burrows is an American Anglican bishop in the Episcopal Church. In October 2016, she was elected bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, and she was consecrated on April 29, 2017. She is the first African-American woman to be elected a diocesan bishop. 

A defining experience of her ministry came when she found herself near the World Trade Center the morning of September 11, 2001. In the midst of a fearful situation, her own faith and that of others who sought shelter alongside her gave her a renewed perspective of faith vanquishing fear. “The Episcopal Church teaches me that the world is filled with incredible beauty and unspeakable pain and that God is deeply in the midst of it all loving us fiercely,” she says.

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Lynn Baskerville-Burrows
The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe was ordained bishop of the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania in 2007 and became bishop provisional of Western New York in 2019. He previously served as bishop provisional of Western New York in 2019. He previously served as bishop provisional of the Diocese of Bethlehem from 2014 until 2018.

The bishop is known for his research and work on organizational learning and adaptive performance in the church. He earned a Ph.D. in organizational learning and leadership at Gannon University in Erie in 2014.

The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe

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