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Belize "Science Success" Camp
As the Belize 2018 “Science Success” Camp has come to an end, it’s time to reflect on this exciting adventure. This year there were 100 children from several different areas outside of Belize City that attended this educational opportunity.  There were more girls this year than boys! Children arrived by bus, by foot, and on their bikes. When a group of 3 children missed their bus, the 3 of them walked 3 miles to the camp. They walked through a dangerous section of terrain just to come to the fun filled days of a variety exploration. Activities presented covered  the curriculum areas of Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, and Space Science.  These lessons were hands-on and full of science adventure. The children set off rockets, determined how far away the planets were from the sun, and experienced some new technology adventures. The children all left on the last day with many items from the summer camp after having a delicious ice cream treat and fun was had by all.                                  

At the end of the camp, we were able to tour Holy Cross Anglican Primary School. As Ohioans Cindy and Richard provided the tour, we learned of their needs. 

We would love to thank all of those that gave donations to make this partnership between the Diocese of Belize and the Diocese of Ohio happen.

The Belize Teachers that participated included the following:
Akira Genus-St. Agnes School, Alexander Gonzales- St, Matthew’s School, Felomena Serano-Christ the King School, Ayoni Esquiliano- Holy Cross School, Jolleen Arnold- All Saints School.
Ohio Teachers:                                                                              
Mary Collins, David Marcrum, Hannah Fairbanks
Allana Gillett and Dr. Matthew Teare