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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Classes
Church of the Ascension, Lakewood held Instant Pot pressure cooker classes for members of the community. The class was designed as a way to connect the parish with individuals that come to the community meals. The classes were limited to 30 members and anyone who attended all six of the lessons was given an Instant Pot. Members of Ascension worked as table captains and assisted with the classes. The recipes were simple but healthy, and based around the food that comes in a food pantry bag. Student volunteers offered sign language interpretation for deaf individuals, of which there were 12. A nutritionist and a nurse also attended the classes. The nutritionist explained the nutritional value of every recipe taught. The nurse took blood pressure and blood sugar measurements and offered insight on how attendees could improve their health. The classes were made possible by a Diocesan Ministry and Connection grant as well as volunteers and donations from the community.