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Sharing a Communal Meal

Sharing a Communal Meal

Wednesday nights are Family Night at St. Luke’s, Cleveland. The program brings together people from the neighborhood along with the church family for educational programs, children’s activities, fellowship and a communal meal. Everyone who attends wears a name tag so they can get to know one another and no one feels out of place. These meals have become a fixture in neighborhood, and are followed by programs as diverse as tax preparation courses, health screenings, bicycle maintenance classes, and basketball games in the gym. Children often make up more than half the people in attendance and many regulars come back each week. 

The meal, which is served family style with table cloths, is modeled after a family Thanksgiving - joining together people from the neighborhood, congregants, and volunteers, some of whom come from other diocesan parishes like St. Bartholomew’s, Mayfield Heights, and St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights. 

The Rev. David Bargetzi, St. Luke’s Rector, says, “It is a centering program for our congregation and is as much a 
part of St. Luke’s identity as our Sunday worship services.In fact, many of St. Luke’s regular parishioners first came to the church for the communal meal.”

Across the diocese, vital ministries like this are feeding the hungry, educating children and young adults, providing spiritual freedom for people who are in prison, giving hope to those who are struggling, and carrying out God’s work in a myriad of other ways. The programs provide crucial help to those in need but more than that, they allow us to embody our Christian values and grow spiritually together. 

Your support of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal makes these programs possible. This year, the appeal will provide $100,000 to Episcopal Community Services (ECS) to carry out these ministries. Funds raised through the appeal will also help to underwrite mission trips and leadership development for members of the diocese, provide summer internships for high school and college students, and help to train and place newly ordained clergy.

Pledge forms for the Bishop’s annual appeal will be distributed through your parish. You may also give online at dohio.org/give-now. For questions or more information, please contact Betty Kondrich.



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