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Rose Window
In 1955 Christ Church, Oberlin members Axel and Ebbe Skjerne, in memory of Mrs. Skjerne’s father, commissioned a new rose window. By 1979 the colors had begun to fade. In 2017 Jane Baker Nord and her children gifted the parish with the funds to commission a new rose window honoring the legacy of the Nord Family, especially Eric Thomas Nord. The window tells the story of the Resurrection. The center of the window is a view from inside the empty tomb looking out on the three empty crosses of calvary. The horizontal spokes to the left and right of the center show the women at the tomb from Luke’s Gospel and the soldiers who had been stationed to guard it so that Jesus’ disciples would not be able to steal the body from Matthew’s Gospel. The panel at the bottom center shows eleven souls (including Christ’s mother, Mary) looking upward. The panel at the top reveals Christ’s ascension 40 days after Easter with his feet disappearing into the clouds. The perspective of this panel shows the curvature of the earth and details a farm celebrating the completion of Bellwether Farm. A dedication for the new window was held on April 28.