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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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Appreciated Stock or Property

Giving appreciated stock allows a donor to “realign a portfolio,” balance charitable contributions against annual taxes, and be generous to the church. Remember that the charitable tax deduction you declare as donor is for the full market value of your stock gift.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other kinds of appreciated property that make good planned gifts?

Yes. Often real estate, such as a second home, or a greatly appreciated art object make excellent planned gifts. You may make the gift outright, or the church may use the gift to establish a gift annuity that pays you income. This may be especially helpful for those on fixed incomes or retirees. Again, when considering this kind of gift it is important that you and your financial advisor discuss it with the Rector.

How do I go about giving stock to the church?

Each church may differ slightly; please follow this link for recommended Stock Transfer Guidelines for the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio.


Always transfer appreciated stock or property to the church before you sell it, so that you may receive the maximum tax benefit. There are other important considerations when gifting property, so be sure to review your plans with your financial advisor and the church.

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