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Episcopal Peace Fellowship

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship Pledge of Commitment describes the group's mission:

In loyalty to the person, teaching, and Lordship of Jesus Christ, my conscience commits me to His way of redemptive love: to pray, study, and work for peace, and to renounce, as far as possible, participation in war, militarism, and all other forms of violence.

In fellowship with others, I will work to discover and create alternatives to violence and to build a culture of peace. I urge the Episcopal Church in accordance with our baptismal vows "to renounce the evil powers of this world which corrupt and destroy the creatures of God", and to wage peace across all boundaries, calling upon people everywhere to repent, to forgive, and to love. https://epfnational.org/join/

There is currently an active chapter at Trinity Cathedral which is currently reaching out to other parishes to spread the work of Christ's peacemaking. 

Because of the EPF commitment above, our local group has three priorities:

1)  Human Trafficking, in conjunction with the efforts of the Episcopal Church Women. Resources and information here.
2)  Yemen,  keeping this humanitarian crisis in the news,
3)  Anti-Death Penalty group, working with Ohioans to Stop Executions (OTSE) and Intercommunity Peace& Justice Center (IJPC) in Cincinnati.

Upcoming events:
10/14 - Ohio Journey of Hope - From Violence to Healing
10/26 - Human Trafficking Book Reading and Lunch Gathering
11/11/19 - 80th Anniversary of EPF/Episcopal Peace Fellowship

Suggested Actions October 2019

  • Contact your 2 Ohio U.S. Senators Brown and Portman to take legal action to reestablish Congress’ legitimate role in authorizing acts of war
  • Background: https://www.vox.com/2019/5/27/18634590/nancy-pelosi-donald-trump-supreme-court-war-power
  • Contact U.S. Senators Portman and Brown and ask them to approve House Amendments 554,  522 and 524 to H.R. 2500 (National Defense Authorization Act),  which amendments: 1/ (554) prohibits unauthorized military force in or against Iran, 2 (524) prohibits support to and participation in the Saudi-led coalitions military operations against the Houthis in Yemen,
and 3/ (522) prohibits the use of funds from the Special Defense Acquisition Fund to aid Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates if such assistance could be used to conduct or continue hostilities in Yemen.
Anti-Death Penalty Gun Violence  
Contact Info:  (it’s easy: email via their websites or call directly; it does make a difference)

Notes from the October 6, 2019 meeting at Trinity Cathedral
Notes from the September 1, 2019 meeting at Trinity Cathedral
Notes from August 4th, 2019 meeting at Trinity Cathedral