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Expansive Language Task Force
Dear colleagues in ministry and worship,
By now, many of you have experienced worship with the Trial Use liturgies commended to our consideration by D078 of General Convention 2018. The Expansive Language Liturgies Task Group welcomes your feedback about these Trial Use liturgies so that we can advise and guide their next round of revisions. To help gather opinions and responses, we invite you to consider the following questions:
  • Have you used the Trial Use liturgy?
  • How does the language of the Trial Use liturgy focus your prayer?
  • Do any of the changes contained in the Trial Use liturgy distract from your prayer?
  • What do the Trial Use liturgies add to your experience of common worship?
  • What do you miss when using the Trial Use liturgies?
Further resources, including sample worship bulletins, a sample guided conversation, etc., are posted below. You may contact the Task Force any time to request specific resources that will assist your trial use of the Trial Liturgies, and your response to them.

Please contact the Task Group directly.

The Rev. David Bargetzi, the Rev. Debra Bennet, the Rev. John Drymon, the Rev. Rosalind Hughes (convener), the Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray, the Rt. Rev. Arthur Williams

Expansive Language Task Force Introduction
D078 Sample Bulletin Prayer A
D078 Sample Bulletin Prayer B
D078 Sample Bulletin Prayer D​
A Guided Conversation on the Trial Liturgies
HE2 Expansive Language Altar
HE2 Expansive Language Pew

You can find the official text of the expansive language liturgies at the Episcopal Church website
Justus Anglican also offers a few extra formats.