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Safeguarding God's Children and People


The 2015 General Convention called for creation of an updated and expanded set of policies designed to create safe and welcoming space for all children and youth in our communities and those engaged in ministry with children and youth, and to prevent sexual abuse. (Read more about that process here.) The resolution culminated in a model policy presented at the 2018 General Convention. The model presents best practices for creating a safe space, and local entities were welcomed to make additions or revisions that meet or exceed the requirements of the model policies in order to address the specifics of our local context.

Read the Model Policies from General Convention here.
A local task force in the Diocese of Ohio made such revisions and additions to fit the needs of our Diocese, and this Policy for the protection of Children and Youth was adopted by the Diocesan Council in June 2019. The Diocesan policies are mandated for diocesan-sponsored events such as Diocesan Convention, Winter Convocation, youth events, Bellwether Farm Summer Camp, etc.
Read the Diocese of Ohio Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth here.
We encourage each parish to adopt a Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse. To support parishes in fulfilling this recommendation, the task force has created a sample policy for congregations, based on the Diocesan policies and adapted for a parish context. Parishes are encouraged to adopt a Policy by the 204th Convention, and to notify the Canon for Christian Formation when they do so.

Read the sample policies for parishes here.
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Safeguarding God's Children provides the necessary information to protect children and youth in our parishes and in the many children's ministries in which we serve. The Diocese of Ohio has adopted policies for protecting children from abuse, making training a requirement for adults involved in children and youth ministry activities and available to all in the Diocese of Ohio.

Contact Mary Ann Semple to set up a training.
When you have completed training, fill out the following Safeguarding God's Children Participant Training Completion form and return to return this form to Mary Ann Semple at Trinity Commons, 2230 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH  44115. Safeguarding God's Children Participant Training Completion Form

Re-Certification Training now available ONLINE

If you or others in your ministry have been trained in Safeguarding God's Children and need your 3 year re-certification, you may now complete the recertification online.  In order to get the instructions please email Mary Ann Semple with a request for the enrollment instructions.  Instructions will be emailed back. You may enroll and complete the training at your convenience. If you are not sure if you are due for re-certification you can verify your status with Mary Ann Semple.

**Please note that all initial trainings are being done face-to-face and that this option is meant for re-certification only.