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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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Commission for Racial Justice

We have been blessed by the many people who have worked for justice and attempted to change the world.

There have been witnesses and prophets in every generation that remind us that we are not alone in this holy work. Every Sunday throughout the Diocese of Ohio, faithful Christians gather to worship a young man of color who was murdered by the state with the complicity of the religious leaders of the time. 
The evil of racism is universally present while also being particular in every context. We wish to acknowledge and honor the stories of justice and the tragedy of injustice as it is experienced in the actual lives of people in Ohio. We acknowledge that racial injustice intersects with class, gender, sexuality, and every other category in which a person's humanity can be diminished.

We are called to break this pattern.
To be a committed Christian calls us to see the work of dismantling racism as an inherent part of the gospel and our spiritual life. To not engage in this work makes it harder to encounter God and to offer the invitation of faith to all people. 

The mission of the Commission for Racial Justice is to challenge existing structures and work for remediation within our Diocese, our parishes, and in the communities of which we are a part.

This focus aligns with the Episcopal Church’s commitment to Becoming Beloved Community, with a particular emphasis on Telling the Truth in education and formation, and Repairing the Breach in actions which address our systemic failings.” (Resolution R-2, 204th Convention, Diocese of Ohio).

We have developed a Racial Justice Toolkit which will assist parishes and individuals as they engage in this holy work, and are ready to help you in this work.

We offer periodic training using the "Seeing the Face of God in Each Other" curriculum; dates and information are publicized in the Diocesan weekly email. We are also willing to schedule online training for groups of 12-20.
Please contact us if you are interested in doing so.

The work of the Commission for Racial Justice is supported by the Rev. Rosalind Hughes, Canon for Mission and Ms. Miriam McKenney, Interim Missioner for Beloved Community.

The Rev. Alex Barton
Ms. Denise Caywood
Ms. Debbie Likens-Fowler

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