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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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Regional Disciplinary Board

If there is a case involving potential clergy misconduct, the Regional Disciplinary Board is the pool of individuals from which are selected to serve as members of a Conference or Hearing Panel.  The Title IV canons seek to provide for appropriate and transparent accountability when clergy have committed some sort of misconduct.  It also seeks to be built upon a model of reconciliation and healing, as opposed to confrontation. 

The Regional Disciplinary Board was created at the 204th Diocesan Convention in 2020, which replaced the former Diocesan Disciplinary Board (consisting of nine members, 5 clergy and 4 lay) with a 13-member body (7 clergy and 6 lay) comprised of one lay and one clergy representatives from each of the following contiguous Dioceses: Northwestern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Southern Ohio, West Virginia, and Western New York.  Each Diocese has elected one lay and one clergy member with an initial term of one, two, or three years which were assigned shortly following the election of all members.  The thirteenth member (clergy), the Rev. Brad Purdom, Canon for Congregations in the Diocese of Ohio, was be selected by the Bishops of the six Dioceses.

There are no regular meetings.

The Episcopal Church has developed a website that describes in detail the priest disciplinary process:

Members from the Dioceses of Ohio and Southern Ohio

Class of 2021

  • The Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray
    Diocese of Ohio
  • Lissa Barker
    Diocese of Southern Ohio

Class of 2022

  • The Rev. Brad Purdom
    Diocese of Ohio

Class of 2023

  • The Rev. Mary Carson
    Diocese of Southern Ohio
  • Clare Long
    Diocese of Ohio

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