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Guns to Garden

Guns to Garden

Fremont’s 2nd Guns to Gardens at St. Paul’s, Fremont on Saturday, June 8, was a huge success. Not only were 32 guns turned in, but people were able to watch two blacksmiths repurpose the parts as gardening tools. Additionally, 12 community organizations were there to provide information about gun violence prevention and related mental health support. Reasons for surrendering the weapons included fear that they would get in the wrong hands, be used against them or otherwise unsafe.

  • A total of 32 guns were turned in, reducing the possibility of gun violence in our community.
  • Volunteers, participating organizations and other people who attended from the community were able to watch as these were repurposed into gardening tools in response to Micah 4:3, “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning tools.”
  • Twelve community organizations provided information about gun violence prevention and related mental health support. They were also able to share contact information for future service.
  • Various denominations were represented when local clergy took part in a prayer vigil.
  • Members of the wider community shared their skills, talents and assets to make this a more attractive event.
  • At least 15 members of St. Paul’s volunteered at the event. Two members took part in the planning of and follow-up from the event.
  • We were unable to get an accurate count of how many people attended the event from the community, but it was at least twice as many as last year’s.

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