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College Ministry Grant Application

About Us:

As College students enter a new context and self-differentiate from their childhood identity, many are prone to "lose" or stray from their faith and spiritual lives. Others have not had a chance to explore spiritual practices, expressions of faith, or particular traditions. The Episcopal Church is well equipped to spread the Gospel: that God loves you, no exceptions. Studies have also shown that college students are attracted to the theological tenants and worship experiences the Episcopal Church has to offer. This grant will provide funding for parishes to explore and experiment in unique opportunities to enter boldly and generously into the lives of their college-aged neighbors.

The last few years have certainly accentuated the challenges college students experience: risks of loneliness, depression, and suicide, in addition to developmentally-appropriate exploration of their identity, beliefs, and faith. Covid-19 has upended the best made plans, relationships, and strategies: We understand that you do not know the future of how your campus will be affected by the ongoing pandemic, or what your ministry might look like. Therefore we will accept grants on a rolling, first-come-first-served basis.  We encourage initiatives and ideas that will continue to spread the Gospel amidst the unknown and in an unprecedented context, and are always available for conversation, brainstorming and support! 

Criteria for College Ministry Grant:

Such ministries will meet the following criteria:

  • Such ministries will be considered a ministry of the whole parish and the vestry is required to indicate that in a letter with the application.
  • During "normal" time, parishes that receive grants to support ministry towards students attending a traditional four-year college will understand that effective college ministry requires some ongoing level of presence on the campus itself, and not just inviting college students to come to the church building for events, meals, or worship. The effects of Covid-19 obviously requires common sense and discernment in how to achieve this criteria.
  • Parishes that receive grants for College Ministry will have or will be proposing, ministries that involve measurable volunteer involvement by adult members of the parish. Funds may not be exclusively used for hiring someone to do your college ministry on behalf of the parish.
  • The total amount of a College Ministry grant will normally exceed 50% of the parish's own financial contribution to the ministry. In special circumstances, this criteria may be altered

The Office for Congregations and Christian Formation is glad to answer any questions about eligibility and the grant process. Please email us at or


College Ministry Grant Application

Grants will be reviewed and funded on a rolling basis.

1. Parish Information

Note: You'll have an opportunity to provide additional details below.

2. Diocesan Grant History

Please list by year the amounts and types of funds received from any/all diocesan grants received by the parish for the past two years:

If you received a Young Adult/College Ministry Grant last year, please describe how the funds were used and in what ways this ministry has deepen and grown.

About how many young adults participated in the work funded by last year's grant?

3. Future Plans

Please give us a sense of our parish's college ministry vision now: what is God asking your parish to be and do in regards to this ministry?

Please list members of your parish who will be regularly working on this project and a description of their roles. Please pay particular attention to the role of lay people in participating in or supporting this project. (max. 500 words)

4. Document Upload

Upload all applicable documents listed below. Click on the Browse... button to select a file from your computer. You can upload any common file format (PDF, .doc, .docx., .xls, .xlsx, etc.)

Please provide a budget for the ministry you are proposing. Please do not include in-kind revenues or expenses.

By checking this box, you are signing this application electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application.

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