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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


The offices help support parishes by providing resources, organizing events, and other activities.


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Election Results from the 200th Annual Convention

Diocesan Trustee - one lay or clergy (5-yr. term)

  • The Rev. Jan Smith Wood

Standing Committee - one lay and one clergy (4-yr. term)

  • Mr. Greg Daniels
  • The Rev. Christopher McCann

Diocesan Council - two lay and two clergy (3-yr. term)

  • Mr. Raymond Cox
  • Ms. Anna Risch
  • The Rev. Shawn Dickerson
  • The Rev. Rose Ann Lonsway

ECS Development Council - three lay and one clergy (3-yr. term) and one lay (2-yr. unexpired term)

  • Mr. Stephen Ashby
  • Ms. Chari Hettinger
  • Ms. Mary Shepherd
  • Mr. Drew Gittins (2-yr. term)
  • The Rev. Daniel Orr

Diocesan Disciplinary Board - one lay and three clergy (3-yr. term, clergy ordained at least 5 yrs.) and one-clergy (2-yr unexpired term)

  • Mr. Brent Howard
  • The Rev. Debra Q. Bennett
  • The Rev. Albert Jennings
  • The Rev. David Kendall-Sperry
  • The Rev. Dr. Paul Board (2-yr. term)

General Convention Deputy - four lay and four clergy (3-yr. term)

  • Ms. Diane Audrick Smith
  • Ms. Jane Freeman
  • Mr. William Powel
  • Mr. James Simon
  • The Rev. Debra Q. Bennett
  • The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings
  • The Rev. Evan Fischer
  • The Rev. Percy Grant

Cathedral Chapter - one lay and one clergy (2-year term)

  • Ms. Jacqueline Acho
  • The Rev. Daniel Schoonmaker

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