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The Diocese of Ohio is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion represented in the United States by The Episcopal Church.


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Supply Clergy

LAST UPDATED: Aug 9, 2022

The clergy listed below may be available to serve as supply clergy when they are not otherwise engaged.

The following may be understood as "norms" recognizing that specific circumstances may dictate some variation. Clergy are free to negotiate for the fee they wish to receive for services rendered. It is important that the fee be agreed upon at the time the services are arranged. Many are willing to travel. They will, of course, expect an honorarium and reimbursement for related expenses. Please understand that the supply fee includes the service(s) and the preparation time for the homily or sermon.Supply clergy are reimbursed for all related expenses: meals, lodging, telephone, and travel. The 2022 IRS allowance for mileage reimbursement is 62.5¢ per mile.

One service with sermon  $125 - $150
Two Sunday services including sermon(s)$150-$200
Funeral or Wedding $200+

Supply Clergy by Mission Area:


David Bargetzi 216.228.8442
Dennis A. Blauser 724.699.3747
James Greer 216.235.5291
Rich Israel 216.401.2226
John Keller 440.356.7138
Gary McElroy 440.543.2633
Kathleen Moore 917.579.6732
Dawson Moorer 330.256.7554
Keith Owen 216.502.7986
Ralph Pitman 216.401.4981
Kay Rackley 330.998.2894
Steve Secaur 440.541.8359


Allan E. Belton 330.926.9287
Daniel Grossoehme 513.607.5942
Christopher Hofer 516.456.9420
Joyce Penfield 401.369.1514


Gene Pearson 419.410.9160

South Central:

Doug Reans 856.630.1899

One outcome of Called to Common Mission, the agreement between the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is that ELCA Lutheran pastors may be invited to supply in Episcopal parishes on an occasional basis. In order to facilitate connecting with Lutheran clergy, the following links are to the lists of supply clergy in the Northwestern Ohio Synod and Northeastern Ohio Synod.

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