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Office for Mission

The Office of Missions encourages and oversees mission work of all kinds in the Diocese of Ohio: collaborative, local and foreign. Our role is primarily support and coordination. The commissions, committees and programs we support are serving as “ambassadors of Christ”, bringing reconciliation, hope and education via financial grants; via relationships with agencies, programs and initiatives; and via the transformation that happens when we engage with Christ in the stranger’s guise.

The Commission on Global and Domestic Mission directs our efforts in our companion Dioceses of Tanga, Tanzania and Belize, and works with congregations to sponsor mission trips around the country and the world. . The Commission for Racial Justice works for healing and transformation, with a particular commitment to anti-racism training. Our office also works with those interested in ministry to refugees, disaster response, and developing a parish or neighborhood mission strategy.

For grants administered by our office, please note that The 2022 Episcopal Community Services grant application submission deadline is September 30, 2021. 
We are currently undertaking a strategic and theological review of our grant criteria an dprocess, and so there is a moratorium on accepting CGDM Global and Domestic grant applicaitons at this time. please contact Canon Margaret D’Anieri if you have thoughts or imput into this process.

We are not posting applications for summer mission trips and summer youth programs given the implications of COVID-19 for these, but please contact Margaret D'Anieri directly if you have ideas for summer 2021 that may require funding.

Office for Mission: